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Your Christmas Planning Checklist

We’ve all heard it:  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  It might be cliche, but it still stings. Why?  Because it’s true- especially when it comes to projects like Christmas, which will require the support and participation of a large portion of a church.

Hopefully, you’re surrounded by willing helpers- people who care about your community and want to reach it with the good news of Jesus’ birth.  Enthusiasm is a great motivator, but unfortunately, it’s not a workable strategy. You have to give your people the tools to help them channel their enthusiasm to reach more people.  That’s why our Ultimate Christmas Kit features designs for things like invite cards and floor decals, as well as training on how to run a successful invite campaign.  But guess what? It all starts with a solid plan.  

Without a solid plan, you’ll miss things.  You’ll have to create quick fixes for problems that could have been avoided.  Or, you’ll find yourself frozen in place because the task is overwhelming and you’re unsure where to start.  

Good news!  You can let your fears go because we’ve done your Christmas planning for you.  

Allow us to introduce The Christmas Planning Checklist!

This checklist is designed to be a comprehensive plan for your church’s Christmas Marketing.  Created to help your church craft an experience that makes people want to come back, and updated as the season progresses with the best suggestions from our community.

How to use the Christmas Planning Checklist:

  • Download it. (it’s included for free inside the kit)
  • Read it.
  • Follow the suggested deadlines for each task.
  • Use the formatting to assign team members to tasks.
  • Celebrate as your team dominates the list and starts building the foundation for your best Christmas ever!

That’s it!  Now it’s time to rock the implementation so that your church can live out its purpose this Christmas- to preach the gospel and love people like Jesus.

Church Marketing University Churches- Don’t forget to locate the kit in your CMU dashboard!  You have access to additional resources and designs to help you take your Christmas implementation to the next level.

Huge shout out to our friends over at Firm Foundations Marketing for helping make this all possible. 

The Ultimate Christmas Kit just might be your favorite gift this year!


The Ultimate Christmas Kit for Churches