Is Grow Worth The Investment?

Chase Replogle, Pastor Bent Oak Church

The Grow Program is designed to help you increase the number of in-person visitors to your church, grow your marketing budget, and save you time. Our team works hard to get the word out about your church so you can focus on ministry, develop materials and training to help you take it to the next level, and stay ahead of the curve so you don’t get left behind.

However, the Grow Program isn’t for everyone. You get a lot when you enroll in Grow, but it’s still a significant investment- and we don’t want to pretend otherwise.

Grow is best for churches who would say that reaching people is one of their top 2 priorities as a church, have healthy ministries and community or are working on getting those in place, and have a stable budget. If that’s you, keep reading about how Grow can help your church reach more people than ever before!

Bottom Line: If you follow our practical plan, we’ll show you step-by-step how to grow your church year-round, and we’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you.  We’re so sure you’ll love Grow that we offer 2 money-back guarantees.  (See below for more details)

Seven reasons why GROW is worth the investment

Still hesitant? Totally fine. As a team of church practitioners ourselves we get it! Just take a moment to read through these seven reasons why GROW is worth the investment!

1. Increase Your Marketing Budget

In Grow, we’ll walk with you through obtaining the Google Ad Grant, which will allow you to run up to $120,000 a year of custom Google Ads for your church- so that your pages show up when people in your community are searching! Once your church gets access to the Grant, we’ll run the ads to make sure they’re performing at their best, and that you never fall outside of Google’s guidelines.

2. Stop Wasting Time

You’re wired and trained to serve people, not launch marketing campaigns. You’ve spent enough time chasing ineffective strategies to grow your church. Our system has been tested and proven by hundreds of churches, and it’s custom to your church: we only advertise the ministries and programs that you’re equipped to offer. Plus, we handle the details so that you can focus on what God has uniquely gifted you to do: serve your local church.

3. Put Our Research & Expertise to Work

We aren’t guessing: if we run an ad or make a recommendation for your church, it’s been tested and proven to be effective  across our community of thousands of churches. You can leverage that research and knowledge as we help you get the word out about your church! When you enroll in Grow, our team is your team.

4. Look like a Genius

Your team works hard to see results, so let our team do the work and YOUR team get the credit!” Here’s what Jennifer Hill, who’s been using Grow at her church since 2022, says, “My secret to success is to do exactly what you guys tell me and look like a genius.” 😂 When your congregation starts looking around at all the new faces & complimenting you on it…You are 100% encouraged to take the credit!

5. Find Your People

When you enroll in Grow, you’re getting more than done-for-you-ads. You’re getting a team (the Grow team) and a community. You’ll be able to connect with other church leaders that are passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus. We’ve lost track of how many people tell us that they’re going to be part of Grow for life… Not just because of the work we’ve done, but because of the community.

6. Access Top-Level Courses

When you enroll in Grow, you’ll also have access to our extensive training library. You can use those training resources to recruit and train volunteers on everything from marketing to connecting with guests- or watch them yourself, to learn more about leadership and systems. In fact, why don’t you try both?

Case Study

You Won't Belive This Church's Results:

Pond Hill Baptist Church, North Haven, CT

7. If You’re Not Satisfied - Get Your Money Back!

We believe so strongly in Grow that offer a guarantee. Test drive the program for 30 days. When you enroll, we’ll help you apply for and secure the Google Ad Grant. If you’re denied, we’ll do what we can to help you reapply. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll gladly refund your investment, no questions asked. 

Still have questions?

We get it! We have a ton of stories from church leaders who are seeing results with Church Marketing University.

We started prayer ads with a simple $10 a day on Saturday. The very next day we had a family visit that said they saw our prayer ad and decided to come!

It is now Monday, and I have prayed with five people and had another person say they would like to visit.

Eric Golden, North Lenoir Church

This stuff works. We joined Church marketing University almost two months ago. When we started using these systems and running Facebook ads we have seen 125% growth and we went from one maybe two visitors a week and now average 10 to 13 first time visitors a week.

We were running average 65 to 70 now we are almost 200 in two months going to two services due to the size of our building we have run out of parking. I have used this to market a make room for more campaign in the church

David Rose, Restoration Hope Church

I’ve waited for this (Discover Your Purpose ad) since we did our first prayer ad. It was wonderful!
The lab itself was clear, concise, and just the right amount of teaching time. I was able to get what I needed in the time I had available. AND I’m so grateful for Caleb’s patience (everyone’s patience, really) while walking us through all the setups. As far as presentation goes, your team is miles ahead of where you were a year ago! You are officially “boot-camp ninjas” in my opinion!
CMU is hitting its target for churches. You are taking the frustration out of so many things, adding value, multiplying our time, and providing support. At a reasonable price, too! We would not be able to hire people to do what you do for us.
May God continue to bless you in your endeavors to serve the church!

Gay Lynn Borgenhagen, Christian Life Church

We have been with CMU Grow for about 4 months. We have been through several trainings and went through the Visitor Growth lab. My mind has been bursting with all the information and we have been tackling them with baby steps. I just wanted to reach out and let you know some of the recent wins!

Prayer Ads – 35 days in, 225 prayers and 36 planned visits!
The congregation has funded the ad for 1 Year at $10 per day!! Looking to grow the initial prayer team BUT as of today we now have our prayer chain people praying additionally for the requests coming in. We are connecting with those who have visited and we are so excited to see what God has in store for them.

Text in Church – two weeks in and two keywords running and I have some very excited team members for future events!!

Google search – Started 14ish WAY down the list and have moved up to #6!!!

Google Reviews person has been found and trained as of yesterday! She is connected and excited!!

Google Ads are running – and we are spending Google’s money! $5k so far! THANK YOU!

Nikki Theisen, Maranatha Church

We have just completed about 6 weeks on our Prayer Ads Campaign and this truly has been a wonderful experience. As a senior pastor, it thrills my heart to be able to pray with and for people. I feel like the prophet Samuel when he said in 1 Samuel 12:28 that it would be a sin for me not to pray for the people. Prayer for me is my number one job responsibility! So this Prayer Ads Campaign fuels the fire that burns in my heart.

We started our 30 day campaign on September 13 and we are still praying for people that reach out to us through the ads daily. In 30 days I personally prayed for 62 people. Of those 62 people 18 planned a visit and so far at least 2 of them have come! And again, these are just the numbers from the first 30 days, to date I have prayed for almost 100 people through the Prayer Ads Campaign.

Here is a response from one person I prayed for. She also planned a visit AND actually attended a service!
“Hello Pastor,
Just wanted to quickly reach out to you. I truly appreciate the prayer you sent up for me yesterday and after hearing, it REALLY lifted my spirits and provided me an extra push to keep fighting through. You additionally told me that something good was going to come to me and to let you know when it does. Well I just received a random phone call from my Supervisor informing me that I am getting a wage increase due merits and effort I put forth. I truly appreciate your assistance in that low point and I had to let you know of this blessing! I look forward to meeting you all this Sunday!!”

Thank you all for the inspiration and for producing a system whereby real ministry is happening with real people. I continue each week connecting with the Prayer Ads Coaching Call. The guy named Caleb is doing an outstanding job encouraging me and assisting me along the way.

Stanley L. Scott II, Houston Faith Family Church

Today was our first new visitor through the Plan Your Visit system we built. They saw our video invitation Facebook ad, clicked the link to our Plan Your Visit page and signed up. Someone who had never been to church in their adult life, never really known God, but due to a difficult moment in their life, saw our invitation and decided to give church a shot. It allowed us to connect and be there for them and because we have their information already through Plan Your Visit we were able to easily send a follow up email after they left to thank them again for their visit and let them know if they need anything we’re here for them and that we are praying for them. They’ve let us know that they’re looking forward to coming back next week. It was a huge encouragement to us and hopefully an encouragement to those of you out there that are trying a Plan Your Visit system yourself.

Jeremy Wallace, The Church at Tubac

We'd love to answer any questions you have. You can shoot us a text at (417) 204-5153 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to connect!