Is Grow Worth The Investment?

Chase Replogle, Pastor Bent Oak Church

The Grow Program is designed to help you increase the number of in-person visitors to your church, grow your marketing budget, and save you time. Our team works hard to get the word out about your church so you can focus on ministry, develop materials and training to help you take it to the next level, and stay ahead of the curve so you don’t get left behind.

However, the Grow Program isn’t for everyone. It’s not a Hail Mary pass for churches that are dying. You get a lot when you enroll in Grow, but it’s still a significant investment- and we don’t want to pretend otherwise.

Grow is best for churches who would say that reaching people is one of their top 2 priorities as a church, have healthy ministries and community or are working on getting those in place, and have a stable budget. If that’s you, keep reading about how Grow can help your church reach more people than ever before!

Bottom Line: If you follow our practical plan, we’ll show you step-by-step how to grow your church year-round, and we’ll do most of the heavy lifting for you.  We’re so sure you’ll love Grow that we offer 2 money-back guarantees.  (See below for more details)

Seven reasons why GROW is worth the investment

Still hesitant? Totally fine. As a team of church practitioners ourselves we get it! Just take a moment to read through these seven reasons why GROW is worth the investment!

1. Increase Your Marketing Budget

In Grow, we’ll walk with you through obtaining the Google Ad Grant, which will allow you to run up to $120,000 a year of custom Google Ads for your church- so that your pages show up when people in your community are searching! Once your church gets access to the Grant, we’ll run the ads to make sure they’re performing at their best, and that you never fall outside of Google’s guidelines.

2. Stop Wasting Time

If you’ve been in ministry for any length of time, it’s probably not your fault that your church isn’t growing the way you’d like. You’re wired and trained to serve people, not launch marketing campaigns. You’ve spent enough time chasing ineffective strategies to grow your church. Our system has been tested and proven by hundreds of churches, and it’s custom to your church: we only advertise the ministries and programs that you’re equipped to offer. Plus, we handle the details so that you can focus on what God has uniquely gifted you to do: serve your local church.

3. Put Our Research & Expertise to Work

We aren’t guessing: if we run an ad or make a recommendation for your church, it’s been tested and proven to be effective  across our community of thousands of churches. You can leverage that research and knowledge as we help you get the word out about your church! When you enroll in Grow, our team is your team.

4. Look like a Genius

Your team works hard to see results, so let our team do the work and YOUR team get the credit!” Here’s what Jennifer Hill, who’s been using Grow at her church since 2022, says, “My secret to success is to do exactly what you guys tell me and look like a genius.” 😂 When your congregation starts looking around at all the new faces & complimenting you on it…You are 100% encouraged to take the credit!

5. Find Your People

When you enroll in Grow, you’re getting more than done-for-you-ads. You’re getting a team (the Grow team) and a community. You’ll be able to connect with other church leaders that are passionate about reaching the lost with the gospel of Jesus. We’ve lost track of how many people tell us that they’re going to be part of Grow for life… Not just because of the work we’ve done, but because of the community.

6. Access Top-Level Courses

When you enroll in Grow, you’ll also have access to our extensive training library. You can use those training resources to recruit and train volunteers on everything from marketing to connecting with guests- or watch them yourself, to learn more about leadership and systems. In fact, why don’t you try both?

Pond Hill Baptist Church, North Haven, CT

7. If You’re Not Satisfied - Get Your Money Back!

We believe so strongly in Grow that we don’t have just one, but TWO money-back guarantees. Terms and Conditions Apply
Guarantee #1: Test drive the program for 30 days. When you enroll, we’ll help you apply for and secure the Google Ad Grant. If you’re denied, we’ll do what we can to help you reapply. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll gladly refund your investment, no questions asked.
Guarantee #2: More visitors or your money back. If the Grow Program doesn’t get your church more visitors, we’ll refund what you’ve paid. In order to qualify for the 365-Day Guarantee, your church has to secure the Google Grant so we can run your ads, and you need to complete the Visitor Growth Engine Course (formerly named Grow One, and before that named the Foundations Course. We like changing names, okay?).

Still have questions?

We get it! We have a ton of stories from church leaders who are seeing results with Church Marketing University.

Just wanted to drop you a word of thanks and encouragement.

We eventually launched our prayer ads and here are the results from 48 hours at $7 per day.

10 Prayer requests
2 PYVs

We are super excited that we are praying for and ministering to our city.
So much more I could say but for now thank you to you and the team for giving us the tools to fulfill dreams and make an impact.

Ian Nundy, Vision

Your team is awesome!! We worked with another “agency” and it was fruitless. Jumped into Grow and had issues getting reapproved and the right account numbers for Ads. Anyway, CMU jumped in and fixed it all up!! #rockstars

Robert Kelly, Rescue Culture Church

Just checking in with how awesome the prayer ads have been for us. we are on our second week now. Last week we had a lady who showed up and now her sister and husband got saved and want to be baptized next week. I’ll post a pic of them if they do.

Plus I just had another lady do a plan a visit from the prayer ads a few minutes ago. That’s 31 prayer requests (in 2 weeks or less) through the chatbox plus probably another 20 who just posted their prayer request on the facebook ad itself.

Greg Gates, The Point Church

Just wanted to put this out there to encourage other churches. We started prayer ads with CMU last Thursday afternoon. By Sunday, I had 9 prayer requests and 2 planned visits. 1 of those planned visits showed up for Church and brought a friend! She said she really liked the church and will be coming back. From Sunday after church til now, I have another 16 prayer requests, and 4 planned visits. We’re currently a church of 20.
LET’S GO!! God is on the MOVE!

Chance Greer, Mercy Church

Just wanted you guys to know – our church just created a 9 month calendar of our campaign called “MAKE HEAVEN CROWDED” based on your CROWDBOOST teaching!

Our goal is to have 700,000 impressions, 200,000 website visits, 1,000 plan your visits and double the church by Easter!

Every other week the Pastor (me) will give a challenge to the church that, for the most part, we will do together in service.
– “Ussies” together (with a handout of what to post in the caption including the link to our “plan your visit” landing page)
– Selfie invite video
– We will post a video and then within the first 10 min everyone will watch it, comment and like and share it.
– Google reviews
– Event shares, comments etc.
– Creating Comment Evangelists

We are so excited about this!!!

Matthew Tarkington, Faith4life Church

Just wanted to share some of the fruit of google ads and Facebook prayer ads. These are 1st – 4th timers at our church in the last 30 days. We’re thrilled! It’s creating all sorts of good problems: we need more small groups, we need better systems, we need more people on our next steps team, we need more seats, we need more kids ministry team members, etc. Our church is excited to stop being the best kept secret in town!

George Holleway, CrossRoad Church Katy

We'd love to answer any questions you have. You can shoot us a text at (417) 204-5153 or send us an email and we’ll be happy to connect!