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Kristy is a designer, mom, efficiency savant, creative for the local church and more. She is also the genius behind Social Church's Twitter account too!... read more

When You’re Overwhelmed as a Church Marketer

We took time to sit down with Kristy Henry, Communications Director at Christ’s Church Federal Way, and discuss some of the reasons why church leaders often feel so overwhelmed. With twenty years experience in the corporate, nonprofit and church communications world, she’s a master at balancing the ever-increasing demands of a church communicator!

 Make sure to check out both the full interview and some of our favorite moments from the conversation below:

Kristy works full-time in the corporate space and only has fifteen hours a week to complete all of her church-related tasks (and is the only church communications staffer)

What does she have to say about volunteers?

  • Her volunteer team consists of everyone from young adults to a stay at home grandma, and is a vital part of getting everything accomplished.
  • How did she get her All star volunteer team? Some were inherited, some she found online, and her volunteer editor was even brought onboard when she noticed a mistake that was made. (Yep, a mistake turned into a dedicated volunteer)

Everyone seems to have senior leader frustrations at times. Any tips?

  • Face to face conversations are key here.
  • Relationships are strengthened in the face to face connections.
  • Church marketing is a support to the mission and vision pastors have.
  • We should do our best to make their ministry look good, and be a real support to them.
  • When leaders feel that you’re for them, then they give you much more leeway.
  • This all takes time.

Standout Statements

  • “Sometimes limitations provide the right mindset”
  • “You sit behind a computer a lot as a communications director. Building relationships are key.”
  • You don’t have to do everything. Just do what you’re doing really well.”
  •  “The Who is often more important than the What, and the What can lead to the Overwhelm.”

Resources Mentioned:

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