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Molly Pelic is a Google Ad Grant Manager and Website Coach at Church Marketing University. She has served as the Outreach Director and Youth Ministry Leader at her church (Friendship Church in Canton, MI) and has experience working in her church's kids ministr... read more

Website Spotlights

If you’ve been around CMU any length of time, you’ve probably heard this phrase 1,000 times:

“Your website should be the BEST employee you have!  You should track its performance and effectiveness like you would an employee, and, if it isn’t meeting its job description, you should FIRE IT”

So, how is your website doing?  Best employee?  Worst?  If you’re not sure how to answer this question, take a look at the websites below. We’ll tell you why we love these websites and you can find inspiration to take your website to the next level!

Our Favorite Websites (and Why We Love Them)

New Life Rehoboth Church

Why we love this website:

  • New Life incorporates their color theme throughout the website, keeping their branding very consistent
  • We love how they share their history, their heart, and their hope on their About Us page
  • BONUS: we also love that one of our partners at Ministry Designs, Jordan, built this church website on the Omega Website Platform in TWO DAYS during the Church Marketing Conference 2020!


HISPlace Family Church

Why we love this website:

  • HISPlace offers options for people to plan their experience either online or in-person. These call-to-action buttons are displayed clearly on the home page
  • Pastor Doug made a great website welcome video on the home page
  • Their church lists their vision, as well as clear next steps to walk in that vision!


Church On A Mission

Why we love this website:

  • The header video on the home page shows a chronological glimpse into a visit at Church On A Mission, showing people what to expect when they visit CM
  • We love how Church On A Mission allows people to Plan Their Experience, giving them options to attend online on in-person (and not making one seem superior)
  • Pastors Ryan and Leah’s social media links are visible on the Lead Pastors page, showing that they’re relationship-focused and available to connect


Friendship Church

Why we love this website:

  • We love Friendship Church’s About Us page, answering people’s questions about what the church culture and atmosphere will be like
  • On the Young Adults page, people have the option to reach out to a leader and learn more about the group. The Young Adults leaders connect with people regularly through this form!
  • Friendship Church’s Giving page clearly lists multiple giving options, as well as contact info if people have questions


Want to know what else we love about these websites? They’re all built on Ministry Designs’ Omega website platform. This website platform, listed in WorshipLeader Magazine’s 2020 top apps/software for churches, was built with churches in mind! It comes with pre-built landing pages, a step-by-step course to create an effective website, and 24/7 support!

Learn more about Omega website technology here, or by scheduling a consult with CMU Website Coach Ryan Keller.

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