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Website Spotlights

If you’ve been around CMU any length of time, you’ve probably heard this phrase 1,000 times:

“Your website should be the BEST employee you have!  You should track its performance and effectiveness like you would an employee, and, if it isn’t meeting its job description, you should FIRE IT”

So, how is your website doing?  Best employee?  Worst?  If you’re not sure how to answer this question, take a look at the websites below. We’ll tell you why we love these websites and you can find inspiration to take your website to the next level!

Our Favorite Websites (and Why We Love Them)

New Life Rehoboth Church

Why we love this website:

  • New Life incorporates their color theme throughout the website, keeping their branding very consistent
  • We love how they share their history, their heart, and their hope on their About Us page
  • BONUS: we also love that one of our partners at Ministry Designs, Jordan, built this church website on the Omega Website Platform in TWO DAYS during the Church Marketing Conference 2020!

HISPlace Family Church

Why we love this website:

  • HISPlace offers options for people to plan their experience either online or in-person. These call-to-action buttons are displayed clearly on the home page
  • Pastor Doug made a great website welcome video on the home page
  • Their church lists their vision, as well as clear next steps to walk in that vision!

Pikes Peak Christian Church

Why we love this website:

  • The encouraging messages that hit you, right from the homepage. 
  • The images, video, and text work together to tell guests that they’ll be welcomed and encouraged.
  • Kids and youth are EVERYWHERE!

Lifeway Church

Why we love this website:

  • The pictures and branding on this site look awesome!  Everything pops, and the people look happy!
  • It has a sitemap.  This is an often overlooked SEO superpower that literally takes less than 5 seconds to implement using Omega (really!).  It means that this church website is getting great traffic!
  • Google loves this site so much that making small changes to the Google Ads account/settings doesn’t really interrupt the account the way it can when an account is new or when it doesn’t have solid SEO in place.  That gives us more freedom to get the word out about the church’s events!

What all these websites have in common…

All of these amazing church websites were built using the Omega builder from Ministry Designs.

Here are a few of the reasons why we recommend Omega when churches ask which builder they should get for their website:

  • It’s been rated #1 by Worship Leader magazine
  • Easy to implement instructions to improve SEO for Google search ranking – following CMU principles and recommended SEO procedures.
  • Drag and drop block edit technology makes it easy to maintain and update
  • One-click buttons to add CMU pages to your website
  • Consistent platform updates keep the look and function fresh and relevant
  • The platform supports easy implementation of CMU best practices and principles
  • Designed to be mobile-friendly (60-70% of web traffic is on mobile devices)
  • Superior 24/7 customer support through chat and email
  • Support, encouragement, and ideas through CMU team and FB community
  • CMU and Ministry Designs partner with TIC to seamlessly integrate TIC on your website

  If you’d like to get Omega at your church, click the link below to get started!