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2021 is already chock-full of amazing digital events that will help you take your ministry to the next level! Whether you’re looking to connect with people in your community, minister more effectively, or grow as a leader, here are some of our top picks for church leaders this spring:

Engage Conference– February 9-12, 2021

If people keep slipping through the cracks, you may have a problem following up with guests.  The Engage Conference is the answer!  You’ll hear from church leaders and experts in the field on how to form real and lasting connections with first-time visitors.  At the same time, you’ll learn how to develop systems that don’t leave you more overwhelmed as you try to minister to more people.

Plus, it’s free!

All of the sessions will be available for 3 days, so don’t stress if you have some conflicts in your calendar during the conference dates.  Grab your team, or maybe your favorite cup of coffee, and pencil in some time to absorb as many of these incredible sessions as you can!

Sign up today.

Fully Loaded Conference– February 18-19, 2021

It would be nice if running a youth ministry were an easy task, with systems that worked well for everyone no matter what. That’s not how youth ministry works! It’s easy to sit in a youth leadership conference and hear stories from other pastors and feel discouraged and defeated.

The Fully Loaded Conference is designed to help you win!  The presenters create value-packed lessons that are designed to teach you not only foundational principles of youth minister,y but also in-depth and actionable strategies that can be put into practice for your church right away!  What sets FULLY LOADED Conference apart is that these 30+ church leaders have compressed decades of their best strategies and systems into hours… saving you time and frustration with exact blueprints and success shortcuts.

We have experts in several fields that will cover…

💬 Communication
📱 Sermon Prep
🗓️ First impressions
💰 Budget and fundraising
📝 Follow-up
👋 Rural Youth ministry
👆 Leadership
➕ AND much, MUCH more!!

Maybe you don’t know exactly where to start or how to adjust your methods in the middle. You might not even have a solid plan to reach more students yet.  But… it’s easier than you think when you have 35+ experts on your side that will share decades of proven, practical, and tactical strategies in clear, easy-to-follow action steps.  Sign up today.

She Leads– March 3-4, 2021

I’m not supposed to play favorites, but this is the conference I’m most looking forward to this spring. It’s all about establishing healthy rhythms in our work, personal, and spiritual lives.  If you’re a woman in leadership, these two days are going to be filled with wisdom, inspiration, and practical tips for living the life God is calling you to live.  You’ll have the opportunity to hear from speakers from all over the field: Ministry coaches, company CEOs, Founders ,Presidents and Directors, Pastors and more!

You can get free access here.

First Impressions Conference May 13-14, 2021 (use promo code “CMU” to save $10 off the $45 ticket)

What do guests think of your church? That’s the big question, right? And the First Impressions Conference is here to help you make sure they LOVE it & stay around.

Church Marketing Conference– September 21-22, 2021

We’ll be announcing more details as we get closer to the date.

Click the link above to get it added to your calendar!  In the meantime, check out The Ultimate Easter Kit for super-practical coaching & tools that will help your church have the best Easter yet!

Which event are you most excited about? Let me know! 👇

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