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Church Marketing University and the Omega website platform from Ministry Designs have been invaluable resources to our church in this new season we are all sharing. From caring for people, inviting people in, and even using their tools to help get our church in the community to introduce ourselves to people, it’s been a fruitful several months that we are grateful for! We are seeing new people that are finding us in unique ways, more people than ever visiting our mobile-friendly website, and people using Plan-a-Visit EVERY single week! The shared community experience is a gift in itself. Staff is available, fun, and ready to help, so you’re never alone or left wondering!

Josiah P.

[The Omega website builder] is top notch. It has helped us gain traction on Google and helped others find our church. CMU has changed my entire mindset on communications. I feel more confident in approaching leadership with ideas because I feel well educated and know how to better read what works and what doesn’t for our community.

Tiffany W.

CMU gives me the confidence to feel like I know what I’m doing in moving my church forward. I love that whenever the church has to encounter something new or different (like Covid) CMU is right beside you advising, offering support and tools for success, encouraging and cheering you on. I have done the Website Bootcamp and am very close to launching my Omega site. I love that it is intuitive, easy to use and geared toward guests. Plus it looks great! To my community and congregation, I look like a tech wizard when I am anything but!

Jennifer H.