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The Ultimate Guest Gift Guide for Churches

If you’re looking for church gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  This topic is close to our mission at Church Marketing University (CMU).  Yes, we help churches get new visitors through the door each week- and at first glance, that might not seem super connected to guest gifts!  However, once visitors arrive, it is vital that they are welcomed and have a great experience. It’s also crucial that churches have an effective follow-up strategy in place.

A big part of creating a memorable experience and starting relationships is a gift strategy. (Note that a gift strategy is way more important than the gift itself.)

That’s why the CMU team put in a year of research to figure out answers to these questions:

What are the best church gift ideas for visitors?
What are some inexpensive gifts for church visitors?
How much are churches spending on visitor gifts?
What does a welcome gift bag or gift box look like?
Where do churches order their gifts from?
What about homemade or personalized gifts for church visitors?
What is a good church gift strategy?

You’ll find out all the answers in the full downloadable pdf.[infusionsoft_on_click_intent optin_id=optin_4 display=inline] Download the full 15-page guide here!  [/infusionsoft_on_click_intent]

Here are some of the interesting finds in the guide:

1. The average cost of first-time gifts from churches we polled was $3.42 per person.
Budgets are so often the first issues that arise when church teams begin discussing this area, and this can be a freeing feeling to realize that providing something of quality doesn’t necessarily equal expensive.

2. Include the whole family! So many gift baskets include brochures, mugs, pens and Bibles and there is nothing wrong with that, but those items are traditionally geared toward adults. So be sure to check out the Kids Gift section in the guide for creative church gift ideas for kids.

3. Be authentic. The church gift strategies that worked really well was partly because their gift was an authentic overflow of their church culture. So as you go through the guide use the ideas for inspiration not for copying.

4. Experiment. It takes time and getting honest feedback to find the right fit. Plus, in a world that’s ever-changing this is an area that churches should continue to constantly develop. If you have the flexibility, take time on a Sunday to become the first time guest at another local church. It can get the creative juices flowing and also provides a healthy reminder of what it feels like to be that first time guest.

5. Don’t forget the value of a first impression. Everything communicates. If there is one area that deserves attention, time and a well-developed strategy it’s every church’s approach to welcoming guests. Note this does NOT mean you have to give away a gift. Some church’s provide an on-site experience like a welcome lounge as their gift. Other churches do a benevolence giveaway in honor of their guests or directed by their guests. (You’ll see those ideas in the full Ultimate Guest Gift Guide for Churches.) The key is to find what works in your context.

Download The Ultimate Guest Gift Guide for Churches

Video Walkthrough- Calvary ABQ’s Church Gift Ideas

Calvary ABQ, who is featured in the guide, also put together this video that goes more in depth about their visitor gift process.

Go Deeper

Special thanks to our closed Church Marketers Facebook Group that helped us find some of the best visitor gift ideas for churches.

Special Thanks to Each Church That Shared Gift Ideas!

Special thanks to the following churches that are featured in the Ultimate Guest Gift Guide for Churches:

  • River Valley Church
  • Red Rocks Church
  • Elevation Church
  • Joliet First Assembly
  • Summit Park Church
  • Guts Church
  • Action Church
  • Vineyard Church
  • James River Church
  • 2.42 Church
  • Six Points Church
  • Engage Church
  • Full Gospel Terre Haute
  • Calvary Connection Church
  • Woodlake Church
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