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The Engage Conference 2020

What dreams has God given you for your church in 2020?*  An increase in attendance? A specific number of salvations?  Connecting with people on a deeper level as you disciple them?  

Whatever goals God has laid on your heart, we have one simple question:  Do you know what to do in order to make them happen?

Since you’re reading this article on ChurchMarketingUniversity.com, you’re probably expecting us to plug our courses.  While we would love the chance to coach you, we realize you might want to get your feet wet first.  You’re likely looking for advice from other experts. You might, in fact, wish you could attend a conference to be inspired by experts on church growth.

If this is you, we have just the ticket.  (Literally!)  It’s a ticket to the Engage Conference, presented by our friends at Text in Church.  From February 4-12, you’ll have the chance to learn from 30+ leaders about using digital tools in order to resonate with the people in your community and your church.  The best part? It’s totally free!  Check out some of the featured speakers below:

Speaker for the Engage Conference

Why We Love It:

This year, Church Marketing University has the privilege of being one of the Engage Conference’s sponsors.  Here are some reasons why we love it:

  • The speakers focus on ministering to people, not collecting a following.  In other words, you’ll receive training that has been specifically developed to help you build relationships that lead to discipleship. 
  • There’s so much good stuff here- you’ll learn a ton and be inspired.
  • It’s truly, totally free.  If you have access to the internet and a computer, you can attend this conference.  There are no registration or travel fees to worry about.  You can even invite friends or colleagues to make it a party!

Want to learn more about the Engage Conference?  Click here to see a full list of speakers and frequently asked questions.

*Please note that we very kindly didn’t ask you about your “vision” for 2020.  🤣😎

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