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Ryan has many years of experience working in the trenches with the local church and has a passion to see churches grow and reach their unique God-given vision.  Ryan graduated from Evangel University with a major in Biblical Studies and a minor in Marketing. ... read more

As Easter is approaching, you may be overwhelmed by the multitude of responsibilities that are flooding your to-do list. Perhaps, as you are thinking through your announcement strategy, you just cannot seem to nail the optimal time to go through with it. Maybe you are in a position where you know the number of volunteers needed to pull off a special event this Easter is going to be substantially more than usual. In addition to the logistics of planning, you would not be alone if you are still wrestling with the win for your church this Easter.

The good news is that it is not too late to pull off an incredible Easter at your church! We want you to feel resourced so that you can form effective game plans, marketing approaches, follow up strategies, and more.

Not only do we want to resource you, but we feel that having a clear understanding of when to execute them is imperative. You must have a calculated, intentional calendar that is diligently followed in order to maximize your Easter experience.

The great news is that we have created a checklist to help you accomplish this and more! It’s just one of a whole host of resources found inside our Free Ultimate Easter Kit.  Once inside, head on over to the downloads section and locate the Easter Planning Checklist. This checklist will provide you with insight regarding everything from emails to digital campaigns to developing an effective social media plan. There’s even an option to sync the most important dates directly in your calendar! Here’s to your church having an incredible Easter!

The Ultimate Easter Kit

Save weeks of work, look like a genius, and reach a ton of people!

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