Tracey Sharpe – First Christian Church

CMU has been invaluable to me and I’ve only been a member since the fall. We are a small church and our financial assets are limited, but this has provided a better return than anything I can think of. We are seeing visitors and returning visitors at a rate we never have before.

We can’t afford paid staff and volunteers have to try to find a way to learn on their own. CMU has made that possible.

If you think you can’t afford it, think out of the box. I pay our CMU membership as part of my financial gift to my church. Would someone, or several, want to do that for your church? A love offering directed for CMU? I promise you won’t regret it for a minute!

Zachary Minton – The Rock Church Spokane

CMU is part of our team.  Our latest Church plant is thriving and I believe God used CMU to make that happen.

Mike Brake – Freedom Church

The Easter Kit last year was our first exposure to Church Marketing University.  Been a faithful follower/user ever since and it’s had a HUGE impact for building disciples!

Jonathan Saliba- Congregación Bíblica Bautista Norte

If it wasn’t for CMU we wouldn’t have been running a Facebook Ad that convinced a woman contemplating suicide to visit our church. She came to church and got saved. CMU is well worth the investment for many, many reasons!

Jennifer Hill – Holley Christian Church

I appreciate all you do for the Kingdom. This university has saved my sanity and helped us reach our community.

Celeste Growden – Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

I did the one-time payment and I love the personal attention I receive.  It’s unreal!!!  I highly recommend it.  I’m not getting paid to say this.

Kimberly Anderson – Central Hope Church

So.  Pumped.  These Kits are SO helpful for this one woman comms department!

Michael Hevener – Adial Baptist Church

I had a ticket to the Social Media Conference… then joined the Church Marketers Facebook group…  Then tried the free CMU offer…  and joined after the free trial!   BEST thing I could have done!  CMU info is second to none, BUT the relationships and those willing to invest in the Kingdom are PRICELESS!

Morris Mott – Christ Church Plainfield

Ryan Keller’s coaching is invaluable and our new website will totally be a 1,000 percent upgrade from our current one.  Grateful for the CMU website solution, Ryan Wakefield & Ryan Keller and all of the team!

Laura Simone – First Presbyterian Church

I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that we followed the CMU Christmas marketing plan as best we could, and we had twice as many visitors on Christmas Eve as we did the entire month of December the year before!  Psyched for Easter!

Mechelle Stokes – Church of Compassion

Thanks for all that you do.  You are a Godsend to churches around the world!  ????

Deane Wagner – The River Valley Christian Center

We were at 120 people with some salvations and some growth last Easter.  It’s been a year now of using your material, we’re pushing 300!  With 26 salvations in the past week!  It’s been awesome!  We praise God for what He’s doing.  But also, for the equipping and educating you give.  As a Senior Pastor, it’s priceless!

Kayla Mattox- The Rock Church Yuma

Wow! I’ve been in here for only a few hours and have already learned sooo much!

Melinda Polk-The Sanctuary

Btw…CMU…worth every penny.

Missy Rigney- International Community Church

My husband and I just became pastors of a church and CMU is such a great resource! Can’t wait to begin training our teams.

Nigel Allen- Shiloh Baptist Church

Being a student of CMU has been nothing but transformational.

Ashley Earwood- Bear Creek Community Church

As many churches can relate, I am a one-woman show as a part-time Comm Director. Just wanted to say THANK YOU for working so hard to resource the local church! I wanted to send our sincere appreciation for what you are doing through CMU, especially in offering the free Easter Kit.

Robyn Hoffman- Apostolic Church

CMU and our praying church has helped spark a revival that we never could have predicted. Thank you Ryan Wakefield and team, for your passion to help transform churches. Our entire church is now convinced of the power of social media and online presence because of you!

Fernando Curiel- Fountain of Living Water

By using the steps on the Easter program, someone who received an invite card showed up to church yesterday!  What is even greater, she committed her life to Jesus!  Our pastor is on board!  Thanks again.

Mary Deckert-Journey Community Church

Thanks for all you’re doing. It has been a tremendous help to our church. We’ve basically doubled our church in 3 weeks time ….

Matthew Tarkington- Faith4life Church

It has been #100Days since joining CMU for us. I have LOVED the step-by-step instruction. For a solo pastor and the only staff member of our team – I need bite-sized pieces to get everything done. So far in the past 2 months, we have had 5 families that have come simply from googling “churches near me”. Thank you Ryan Wakefield and team!

Kelly Johnson- East 91st Street Christian Church

CMU is pushing us to the next level.

Robby Ratcliffe- Word Up Ministries

This has REVOLUTIONIZED our church. I seriously can’t thank you enough. The content is gold! We are already seeing huge results, and even had a family come in from Texas, said they were just passing through and looked on Google for a church in our city. Thank you! 

Cheri Pelic- Friendship Church

It’s like having a mentor on call for your church communications and leadership teams. When we can’t think of good ad copy, wonder what the best print or digital promotion strategy would be for an event or activity, or need to understand more about digital or print promotion techniques, we can reach out to CMU and they’re always happy to offer advice and/or point us to a video that will give us the answers. CMU is the only program we found that offered a comprehensive program at a price we could afford and easily justify.

Julie Shearer- First Frisco United Methodist Church

Great for newbies and veterans! For newbies, t provides a comprehensive overview and starting point.  I wish I had CMU when I first started.  For veterans, it gives you motivation and encouragement.  It also allows you to dive deeper by navigating some of the more complex areas of church marketing.

John Benn- Church Unlimited

I live in New Zealand so being a long way away AND about 18 +/- hours ahead of most of the people means that getting to conferences is a challenge. Having on demand access to all the material on CMU is a huge bonus. I’ve learnt far more in CMU than I ever did at university.

Douglas Faulk Jr. – Kingdom Impact Wilmington

CMU and Ryan are so amazing and a gift to the church.  Thank you. ????

Mark Muraca – First Baptist Church Monongajela

I think what you’re doing for churches and ultimately for the Lord is a blessing.  Thank you for offering this package to all who would like to increase their membership!

Stuart Owens – Christ Community

I come across a lot of “freebies” from companies like yours and that toolkit (The Ultimate Easter Kit) is far and away the most helpful thing ever.  Thanks so much for putting it together.

Jan Heinen – The Intersection Church

For someone who is only titled as the church office manager but handles social, this is amazing!

Angelo Gonzalez – Common Ground Community Church

Our church runs less than 100, and with our Facebook ads campaign feeding to Plan Your Visit and Kids Pre-Registration alone, we are anticipating over 50 new people (kids and adults) that have filled out forms.  Not to mention the guests that our people are inviting.  Thanks for all the tips, ideas, and encouragement, Ryan Wakefield!  For the Kingdom!

Elizabeth Rhodes – Lifeway Church

Church Marketing University ROCKS!  This is awesome guys and exactly what our church team has been looking for!

Chris Abbott – Guts Church

Church Marketing University is probably the single best investment you could ever make in your church.

Neal Rich – Cedar Valley Church

I just often feel like we’re often shooting from the hip.  This made actual strategic sense.   Thanks!!!

Marc Eidahl – New Life Church

We became a part of Church Marketing University a few month ago. Massive amounts of valuable information! It’s one of the most unique and best tools out there for Pastors to learn to engage the culture!

Ryan Keller – Church on A Mission

We listed to the advice Ryan Wakefield is giving and saw tremendous results at our one year celebration and the week after! We had the most Reach we have ever had from a FB ad, which resulted in some of our members friends showing up, random people messaging the church, and 20 new people in the last 2 weeks when we have really only seen maybe 5 new people a month beforehand. CMU is so worth looking into! It’s full of GOLD!!

Chris Myers – Summit Park Church

To all my communications/marketing friends out there in the church world, I can’t recommend Church Marketing University enough. If you’re wanting to go to the next level in your marketing then sign up for CMU. Great Investment!

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