Ryan Wakefield Church Marketing University

Ryan is the founder of Church Marketing University, where he helps churches all over the world get more visitors each week. He and his wife, Amy, and daughter, Katelyn, are a part of Summit Park Church in Kansas City, Missouri.  Ryan has many years of experie... read more

Pushpay Summit

If you are looking for a fantastic Church Marketing Conference, be sure to check out the 2019 Pushpay Summit in Dallas. I’ll be speaking at it, and I’d love to get a chance to meet you. Be sure to use the code “SOCIALCHURCH”.

Email Marketing Interview Outline

Why most churches miss email marketing

  • The numbers behind email marketing
  • No one quits email
  • How email can help (nurturing people vs. getting net new people)
  • Other benefits of a great email list

How to build your email list (and the technology you need to do it)

  • Make it a natural rhythm
  • Give a piece of gated content
  • Communicate clearly why people should be on your email list (more on that in the next point)

Finding email identity

  • What to send
  • How often to send
  • What to measure

Finding the right audience: who is email for? (what persona are you trying to reach)

  • All things to some people
  • How to discover your most important persona
  • How to write an email
  • Good subject lines are everything
  • Good content > good design
  • Benefit driven messaging
  • Clear call to action

The biggest mistakes churches make with email (the 7 deadly sins of church email marketing)

  • Stopping too soon
  • Using a hammer to drive a screw (trying to use email for the wrong purpose)
  • Not doing email!
  • Being inconsistent
  • Not having a clear call to action
  • Not worrying about your subject line
  • Overthinking it

Summit 2018 Session

You can watch my session from the 2018 Pushpay Summit in Anaheim, California. In this live workshop I’ll walk you through the top mistakes I’ve made when it comes to running digital ads for churches.