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Monday, September 20th
3pm – 5pm Conference Kickoff – Belief Church Worship Experience (FB Live)  

Tuesday, September 21st
11am-4pm Eastern – Keynotes
4-5pm Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, September 22nd
10am-1pm Eastern – Keynotes
1pm-2pm Breakout Sessions
2pm – 4pm Closing Keynotes

Upcoming Dates

CMU Free 30 Day Trial:
September 7 – October 7, 2021

Special Discounted Pricing Ends: 
October 14, 2021

Website Bootcamp: 
October 5 – 7, 2021


Breakouts will be held in Zoom. Use the links below to join. All breakouts will be held on both days, and will cover the same topic each day.

Tuesday, Sep 21 – 4-5pm
Wednesday, Sep 22 – 1-2pm

Zoom Links

Church Communications Directors

Facebook Ad Build-out: with Chris Abbott

Google Ad Grant (Free Advertising Money for Your Church)

Text in Church

Lead Pastors

Omega Website Demo

Youth Pastors

Website Tips

Worship Pastors



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