Church Websites

It’s time to get a church website that you love and that actually brings you new visitors each week. You can have a great website working in weeks with the Church Marketing University Solution. Even better, there is no huge up front investment needed to get going. 

Google Ad Grant Management

Google offers non-profits $10,000 of search ad grant money every month. We’ll connect your organization with the grant, set up your ads account, update it regularly with event and ministry offerings, and maintain your account every month so it meets Google’s compliance criteria. Google ads drive new visitors to your church website, connecting you with more people in your community and widening your reach!

Facebook Ads

Ready to reach more people in your community? We help you set up Facebook Ad Campaigns to do just that!


SEO Coaching

We want to help get your church ranking on the first page of google. Churches that have gotten on the first page of google have experienced a double in first time visitors. Sign up today and we will help you begin taking steps to page 1!

Website Optimization

We want to help you have a website geared toward first time visitors. No matter what web builder you currently have, we will help you make changes to be more attractional to the people visiting your website and make them want to visit your church in person! 

Visitor Follow Up Process Coaching

Our follow up system has been proven to help churches retain 50% or more first time visitors! We want to help you build out this system so you can follow up with first time visitors efficiently and effectively to get people coming back to your church!

Plan Your Experience

We want to help you build out a strategy that drives traffic through a Facebook Ad to your website and gets potential visitors to actually plan their church experience! We help you set everything up! All you have to do is be ready for when they come! 

Customer Testimonials

“The CMU Coaching that we have received at TFA CHURCH has been an incredible resource to help us navigate the never ending changes in the digital world!  Strategies are shared each week that help me be a better Leader and Pastor, and tools are given that help all of our staff in reaching out into the marketplace with the gospel!” — Pastor Danny Baker

“CMU coaching has been a game changer for New Life. We got more organized, gained confidence and saw real growth.  Ryan and the team works hard to make sure your church WINS!” — Pastor Antonio Ramquar

“Church Marketing University Coaching has been an invaluable asset. Truly, the confidence I’ve gained in the ability to lead teams and guide leadership in decision making has come largely from the one on one systematic approach to building systems, using CMU’s vast library of resources, and making data-driven, spirit-led decisions.” — Kate Ott

“We chose the CMU website solution for the appealing, engaging design that draws people in. But we’ve found that the even more important benefit is the behind-the-scenes structure that allows us to easily improve our SEO, helping us rank higher on Google searches. The number of first-time visitors to our church has visibly increased since we’ve started using this website! And, the step-by-step coaching that comes with the CMU website was key to making the implementation smooth and painless!” — Cheri Pelic

“After launching our new CMU Website Solution, we have received so much positive feedback about how easy it is for members and guests alike to find information about our church. And Ryan’s coaching was vital to making our website launch a success!” — Hannah Acosta

“The CMU Website Solution has been nothing short of a God send for our church. Not only do we have a cutting edge, professional looking website, but the incredibly easy to use website builder/editor makes it so easy to update and add on to our website. And if that’s not enough, the coaching we receive from Coach Keller to train us and help us get it up and running was over the top, and as a CMU member, he continues to help us whenever we need him!” — Pastor Brian Reynolds

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