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Websites that are optimized for search engines will get more visitors. That means more people that will potentially visit your church! And, we partnered with SEO expert Tyler Rominger of Ministry Designs to give you brand new content in addition to the legacy modules we’ve already created.

Tyler Rominger

Tyler Rominger is a husband, father & the founder of Ministry Designs, a church website company the services thousands of churches around the world! Tyler is also an avid SEO student, consultant, and practitioner.

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CMU Course

Search Engines

Search Engine Optimizaiton

Course Includes: 13 Videos | 19 Resources

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1. SEO Overview
2. Tools and Goals
3. Planning
4. On Page Titles and Descriptions
5. Image Optimization
6. Page Structure and Heading Tags
7. Quick On Page Elements
8. Google Search Console
9. Google Site Mapping
10. Ranking After On Page and Analytics
11. Connecting Google Search Console to Analytics
12. Link Building and Authority