What People Say About CMU

Just a quick testimony!! We’ve been doing a thing that we call the “Make Heaven Crowded campaign” having members post and do pictures and make staggered Yelp reviews etc. Still believing for finances to let the CMU team run our Google ads!! (Yall are crazy amazing)

But – JUST USING THE TOOLS CMU HAS PROVIDED – here’s the testimony ~ IN 5 WEEKS (3 M.H.C. ASKS) ~
– we increased our monthly impressions by 7.75k, and increased our website visits by 140. (GOOGLE)
– we increased plan your visits (usually about 2 a month) to 15 this month!
– Our YELP account recorded 50 website visits and 20 directions asked!
It’s just a start – we have BIG, HAIRY, GIANT goals ~ but I’m excited so far.

Matthew Tarkington, Faith4life Church

Just wanted to drop you a word of thanks and encouragement.

We eventually launched our prayer ads and here are the results from 48 hours at $7 per day.

10 Prayer requests
2 PYVs

We are super excited that we are praying for and ministering to our city.
So much more I could say but for now thank you to you and the team for giving us the tools to fulfill dreams and make an impact.

Ian Nundy, Vision

Your team is awesome!! We worked with another “agency” and it was fruitless. Jumped into Grow and had issues getting reapproved and the right account numbers for Ads. Anyway, CMU jumped in and fixed it all up!! #rockstars

Robert Kelly, Rescue Culture Church

Just checking in with how awesome the prayer ads have been for us. we are on our second week now. Last week we had a lady who showed up and now her sister and husband got saved and want to be baptized next week. I’ll post a pic of them if they do.

Plus I just had another lady do a plan a visit from the prayer ads a few minutes ago. That’s 31 prayer requests (in 2 weeks or less) through the chatbox plus probably another 20 who just posted their prayer request on the facebook ad itself.

Greg Gates, The Point Church

Just wanted to put this out there to encourage other churches. We started prayer ads with CMU last Thursday afternoon. By Sunday, I had 9 prayer requests and 2 planned visits. 1 of those planned visits showed up for Church and brought a friend! She said she really liked the church and will be coming back. From Sunday after church til now, I have another 16 prayer requests, and 4 planned visits. We’re currently a church of 20.
LET’S GO!! God is on the MOVE!

Chance Greer, Mercy Church

Just wanted you guys to know – our church just created a 9 month calendar of our campaign called “MAKE HEAVEN CROWDED” based on your CROWDBOOST teaching!

Our goal is to have 700,000 impressions, 200,000 website visits, 1,000 plan your visits and double the church by Easter!

Every other week the Pastor (me) will give a challenge to the church that, for the most part, we will do together in service.
– “Ussies” together (with a handout of what to post in the caption including the link to our “plan your visit” landing page)
– Selfie invite video
– We will post a video and then within the first 10 min everyone will watch it, comment and like and share it.
– Google reviews
– Event shares, comments etc.
– Creating Comment Evangelists

We are so excited about this!!!

Matthew Tarkington, Faith4life Church

Just wanted to share some of the fruit of google ads and Facebook prayer ads. These are 1st – 4th timers at our church in the last 30 days. We’re thrilled! It’s creating all sorts of good problems: we need more small groups, we need better systems, we need more people on our next steps team, we need more seats, we need more kids ministry team members, etc. Our church is excited to stop being the best kept secret in town!

George Holleway, CrossRoad Church Katy

Our church just recently got approved for the Google ads and we are really looking forward to seeing the results! The Prayer Ads and the Facebook ads you taught us have helped us to grow from 50 – 110 in the past year and a half. We only had 70 before Covid, and we’ve been thrilled to see new visitors here almost every week! Thank you CMU!

Ernie Madden, Ashland Community Church

It’s almost been a year since we’ve started CMU. One year ago we averaged about 22 people per Sunday. We had great community engagement but no real “next steps” for people to get connected.

– Since January we’ve made 208 brand new connections.
– 6 new families have started attending regularly. (28 people)
– We averaged 31 people for summer attendance. (Just for reference, when we started we may have maxed out at 31 on a Sunday, and a normal Sunday was probably closer to 24.)
– We’ve connected to the community in new ways, our socials are picking up.
– We’re in the top 10 of results when you Google Church + neighborhood name (which is pretty good because the top two results have the neighborhood name in the title lol).

Jeremy England, Journey Community Church

I wanted to share how grateful we have been for the prayer ad strategy. It has always worked for us in a tremendous way. I really appreciate you all. Also, we are a church plant of less than 100 and because of the Easter Strategy this past Easter, we had over 800 (really over 1000) to show up to our Easter Egg Hunt the Saturday before Easter! God is good!

Connect Church in Little Rock Arkansas

We have prayed for 152 people in two weeks with only a $15/day FB ad. It has really broken down the walls for people who have watched services online for a year plus to walk through the doors!

Marlo Dowdy, Church of the Living God Galveston

We have been doing our Prayer Ad now for about 2 months since the Prayer Ad Workshop. As a small church plant, we could only afford a small daily budget, but still have been getting 8-10 prayer requests a week!
Several folks have indicated that they might come and visit….but this past week we had our FIRST visitor from the Prayer Ad!! Awesome!!

Ted Solar, Redemption Church

Church Marketing University has helped us greatly. It’s paid for itself just from our free advertising they helped us get from Google and has helped me reach new people for prayer I’d never otherwise meet!

Chuck Huckaby, First Reformed Church

Just wanted to share a story with you. This past Sunday, we had a guest who is from Brazil and was here for a work trip. He said that his wife searched online for a local church and that is how he found us. I’m sure that this has a lot to do with CMU and probably with our Google Ads. Thanks for all that you guys do.

Scott McCollum, Macedonia Baptist Church

I did make it to the live BootCamp today. I asked a couple of questions which Molly and Jordan answered. I also went to the Text in Church breakout session. Also, very informative!

I thought the information the CMU team provided was awesome! Molly did a great job on the videos! They were all well done, short and to the point, and very informative.

Terry Moore, Thorndale United Methodist Churc

Thank you so much for letting me participate in the Website bootcamp, such good information for me moving forward with my website. I wish I would have known all of this before I published my site. However, it has made me really look at my website and tweak a few pages and even create some new ones.

My takeaways were pretty simple – 1) definitely worth the time and effort 2) loved the red button idea as I had no idea how to make preset buttons. 3) working full time outside of the church, i loved how on the events page you said put things that are monthly so you don’t have to constantly change it. 4) love the idea of changing plan my visit to plan my family’s visit on the kids page.

Thank you so much for the invite to the bootcamp. It was great and simple to follow. If there was a google rating..I would definitely give it 5 stars.

Joe Donaldson, Basin Church

This has been such a blessing to the church. We constantly have new people coming in because they found us on Google. We have also gotten over 50 5-Star Google reviews!

Tye Johnson III, DAYSPRING Church

My best resource as I step into this role for my church is CMU, hands down. From CMU resources to CMU recommendations – it has all been such an asset.

Nicole Mcghee, Spout Springs Church

We are so thankful for Molly and GROW! We are still getting started but just having experts available is great for us as a smaller staff.

Michael Spresser, Loveland Presbyterian Church

You guys have been great. More than great. I can’t tell you how much of a positive influence you are. Keep up the good work. I will pray for you all as well that you continue to make heaven more crowded. That is a good plan.

Jim Reim, First United Methodist Church

Think ministry not marketing. Here is a recent testimony.

Not the most flattering picture but this caught a moment that is so special to me. This is the day Nolan said yes to Jesus. One of the proudest moments in my life. Just a few years ago he wanted to commit suicide, he even tried it a couple times. He now loves God and wants the world to know God. Nolan has a beautiful testimony to take with him into the future. I see God working in him everyday. I saw God move mountains in him. Every time I look at Nolan’s baptism pictures I feel God deep in my soul. I cannot thank everyone involved enough and forever will they be in my hearts. Jordan’s face is priceless as well.

Zac Minton, The Rock Church

My secret to success is to do exactly what you guys tell me to do so I look like a genius in my church and community. Ha ha! Really, for me, it’s to view what I do as a ministry and a link in the chain to someone finding or following Jesus and PRAY a whole lot.

Jennifer Hill, Holley Christian Church

Thank you for your extensive work on the key words and your help to bring new guests to Urgent Church! Our mothers day was awesome we had a great Sunday!

The ad that seems to be garnering the best responses right is the Google Adwords prayer request ad. People who have needs and are searching are filling out the prayer form to receive prayer. We got one from Dubai! So cool!

Mike Ainsworth, Urgent Church

We are so excited to be in CMU. We ran ads for the first time for Easter on Facebook. We have 2 campuses and our Pastor preaches live at both each week. We typically have around 380 at our main campus and 200 at our second location. After running the ads we had 279 planned visits across both campuses. We had over 1,100 people show up at our main campus and 1,200 people show up at our second location. We stopped counting because there were too many people to keep track of. Our main campus is now running over 430 people consistently and our second location is running around 300 now. We can’t wait to start running our prayer ads!

Joel Carstens, Enjoy Church

Our attendance was up 34% for Mother’s day (from the 5-month average), we had 3 mothers accept the Lord and 1 teenager. It was an amazing service, with lots of guests.

Thank you for being so amazing and helping our church grow through Google Ads.

David Gilmer, Victory Church

Thanks for coaching us through Easter. We’ve got at least 3 new families coming back this Sunday for “Pancakes with the Pastor.” Thanks for the Roof-top candy drop idea! Got a lot of buzz in our community. Regular attendance 65, Easter attendance 140, click to website from selfie Facebook ad = 600!

Blake Nichols, Waller Baptist

The “Church Marketing University” team is the best I’ve ever worked with…plus helps get your process in order to lead to better ministry out of the marketing!

Dennis Calhoun, Souls Church

I’ve waited for this (Discover Your Purpose ad) since we did our first prayer ad. It was wonderful!

The boot-camp itself was clear, concise, and just the right amount of teaching time. I was able to get what I needed in the time I had available. ?AND I’m so grateful for Caleb’s patience (everyone’s patience, really) while walking us through all the setups. As far as presentation goes, your team is miles ahead of where you were a year ago! Your are officially “boot-camp ninja’s” in my opinion!

CMU is hitting its target for churches. You are taking the frustration out of so many things, adding value, multiplying our time, and providing support. At a reasonable price, too! We would not be able to hire people to do what you do for us.

May God continue to bless you in your endeavors to serve the church!

Gay Borgenhagen, Christian Life Church

You guys still wow me. I am so excited that the Discover Your Purpose Facebook Ad is now installed. By the way, I just received the approval email from Facebook! I could not have done the Facebook Prayer Ad’s or the Discover Your Purpose Facebook Ad’s on my own. I am especially impressed for how patient you all are in getting everyone who attends the bootcamp up and running. You guys are great!

Spencer Rogers, Jr., Kingdom Life Fellowship

CMU got our Grow ads submitted on April 20th, on Sunday, April 30th we had 3 out of 4 guests come to Keystone who all said they found out about us thanks to Google! Had to be the ads because we have never had that many people organically coming due to Google ever before. Fun to see the fruits of this system already reaching people that are seeking God!

Alicia Somers, Keystone Church