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Easter Kit Pro Upgrade: the Omega Website Solution

Websites: The “Hub” of Your Church

Are you happy with your church’s website? Is it getting you new visitors every week? Does it accurately reflect your church’s culture? 

We’re past the time when you can get by with an “OK” website. The fact of the matter is that your website is the first interaction would-be visitors have with your church, it’s the focal point through which all of your church’s activity is connected. If it’s not drawing visitors in, you could be losing them for good. Do you want your church’s front door to be inviting or offsetting?

Website Problems

If you’re struggling, you’re no doubt experiencing the following common website problems: 

  • Takes too long to update
  • You have a hard time getting a hold of your designer & can’t make even the smallest of changes
  • Costs too much
  • Doesn’t produce the results you want
  • The editor is out of date and costing new visitors
  • Bottom line, you’re not reaching enough people

You can fix that with the CMU Website Solution called Omega, by Ministry Designs. 

This platform, rated the #1 website design by Worship Leader Magazine, is built on the same principles and philosophy as Church Marketing University, so all the things we tell you to do from a communication or marketing standpoint are already incorporated into the Omega Website Solution

And, like CMU, it’s easy to implement for any church — large or small, technically proficient or not, no matter your skillset or lack thereof. It comes with a ton of built-in features you can just drag-&-drop. 

Do I really need another website change?

Your website is the most critical aspect of your church’s marketing and communications strategy.

But it’s not enough to just have a “nice” website. It must be effective

As ministry leaders, we know how fast things change, and that your church website design is hard to keep up to date. New events are scheduled or ongoing information needs updating, your calendar needs changing, last Sunday’s sermon needs posting for Monday morning, and the list goes on and on. With Ministry Designs’ drag & drop website builder & editor, you can keep your church website current from wherever, whenever. It utilizes the most up-to-date tools to help you reach, teach and grow your ministry. And it stays current, new features and designs are loaded monthly so you don’t have to know how to stay up to date yourself.

Sign up for CMU’s Omega Website Solution today and get ready to welcome the visitors it will bring to your church each and every week. 

What Makes Omega Special?

In order to be effective, your website must accomplish four critical functions:

  1. It MUST help people find you (be search engine optimized)
  2. It MUST make people like you (be well designed)
  3. It MUST develop trust with visitors (they need to feel comfortable with you)
  4. It MUST compel people to take action (what do you want them to do next?)

Having a highly EFFECTIVE church website has never been more critical.

Communication that Leads to Effectiveness

Strategic communications is the game-changer you need to achieve your vision. Omega uses the  DISCOVERLIKETRUSTENGAGE strategic formula to give you a proven step-by-step blueprint that has helped thousands of churches around the world achieve their online goals and ministry missions. Those four pillars are critical to website success:

  1. Discover: People have to be able to find you — this is the most important foundation! No more “best kept secret in town” for you. Your church website is the primary piece of marketing collateral your church has. With Omega, your website is fully optimized for search engines (SEO) allowing potential visitors to find your church and discover you in the exact moment they need you most!
  2. Like: In today’s fast moving world of the internet people make split-second decisions about your church’s likability. According research, 90% of that decision is influenced by your design. Omega will always be stocked with the most up to date and relevant website designs regardless of your church size, demographics, age or denomination affiliations.
  3. Trust: People have to know they can trust your church. After people make the split-second decision to like your church based on the design of your website, they have to know they can trust you! Omega’s church website design tools and data backed designs have everything you need to start forging a trusting relationship the moment visitors hit your page.
  4. Engage: OK, so a possible visitor has discovered you, they like you, they trust you — what’s next? It’s time for them to engage with you. With the Omega drag & drop church website builder and pre-designed layouts, you can easily lead people through the next logical steps you want them to take — scheduling a visit, signing up for a life group, registering for an event, volunteering, anything you do to engage people in your ministries.

Easy Implemenation & Updates

Creating a church website used to be hard enough, but then you had to keep it up and that probably felt impossible.

Most church websites have been built on the “template” philosophy — you get a template from a website developer and you’re limited in what you can design based on the template. And it typically takes hours to create special items, like Landing Pages for Christmas, Easter or other special events. And let’s not talk about how quickly the design becomes out of date. 

All that is left behind with the Omega platform. If you’ve struggled to maintain a quality website for your church, take comfort, friend, you’re not alone. Thousands of ministries struggle with their websites on a regular basis. The world changes so fast and you have a lot to do. Omega keeps you relevant and effective.

This truly is the last church website you’ll ever need!

We want to see the church thrive in these crazy, trying times that we have. We believe this year is the year you take your church to the next level and reach more people for Jesus than you have ever done before. Come see what could happen if you optimize your web presence today.

Where can I go to get more information?

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