Steven Records

Nuwave Marketing

Steven is the CEO and Founder of Nuwave Marketing.

Steven has been privileged to be a part of marketing some of the largest and most influential events and organizations in the world.

He has led national events and functions for Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. During his time there, he provided international marketing strategies to their conferences, as well as consulting for the planning and development of several web projects while graduating from Hillsong College with a degree in Contemporary Ministries.

After returning back the states, Steven joined the team at one of the top 100 largest churches in America, James River Church. There he shaped and led the digital marketing department. Within a two-year period, the church had grown by over 1,000 new attendees and their online presence grew by over 250%.

Today, Steven lives in Springfield, MO with his wife, Autumn. Where he operates Nuwave Marketing. A unique on-demand marketing consultancy that fills the gap between expensive digital marketing agencies and being totally on your own, by offering marketing consulting, research, and technical support.

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