Shawn Reece

Faith Promise Church

Professional marketing and churches never seemed to get along. After years of being a youth pastor, worship pastor, and then executive pastor, Shawn took some time away from ministry to find ways to reach more people outside of the typical church ways he had been around all of his life.

Shawn worked for an international martial arts consulting firm and franchise as a web developer and marketing director. While there he learned and was certified in several marketing practices. When the time came to head back into full-time ministry, he took a different route.

Starting out at a megachurch as a storyteller and film associate, he worked his way up to marketing director in just under three years. He’s been spending the past few years at Faith Promise Church in Knoxville adapting the strategies he learned in the corporate world to work in the church world. In the first year after taking on the role they saw over 15,000 first time guests come through and about half of those guests connect in giving, serving, and groups.

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