Ryan Keller

Church on a Mission

Ryan Keller is the Lead Pastor of Church on a Mission in Kenner, Louisiana.  Since launching in 2016, they’ve seen amazing growth- in large part based on paying close attention to both the online and offline guest experience.  In 2019, Ryan joined the team as our certified Church Marketing University coach.  Because he brings a unique perspective to the table, drawing from both his perspective as a lead pastor and marketing expertise, clients LOVE working with him.

The CMU Coaching Program includes 60-minute one-on-one weekly calls with Coach Keller to help you grow in one (or all!) of the following areas:

  • Facebook Advertising
  • SEO
  • Guest Experience
  • Launch Plans
  • Follow-Up Systems and Implementation
  • Plan Your Experience

Keller also leads our CMU Website Solution, which is designed to help you build a church website using the philosophy and coaching of Church Marketing University.

Interested in joining the CMU Coaching Program? Schedule a free consultation with Coach Keller here: www.calendly.com/ryan-keller

Interested in checking out the CMU Website Solution? Schedule a free consultation with Coach Keller here: www.calendly.com/ryan-keller/webconsultation

What Churches Are Saying

“The CMU Coaching that we have received at TFA CHURCH has been an incredible resource to help us navigate the never ending changes in the digital world! Strategies are shared each week that help me be a better Leader and Pastor, and tools are given that help all of our staff in reaching out into the marketplace with the gospel!” – Danny Baker

“As a Pastor of a small growing church, I have been looking for someone to coach me. But not just any coach, someone who has been where I’ve been and where I am going. I found this in CMU Coaching. They understand where I am at, believe in me, and believe where I am going. This isn’t just a once a week meeting, this type of coaching is an everyday relationship. Thank you CMU Coaching staff!” – Justin Petrovich

“CMU coaching has been a game-changer for New Life. We got more organized, gained confidence, and saw real growth. Ryan and the team work hard to make sure your church WINS!” – Pastor Antonio Ramquar

“Church Marketing University Coaching has been an invaluable asset. Truly, the confidence I’ve gained in the ability to lead teams and guide leadership in decision making has come largely from the one on one systematic approach to building systems, using CMU’s vast library of resources, and making data-driven, spirit-led decisions.” – Kate Ott


Check our Coach Keller’s session at the Engage Conference!

Interested in having Ryan speak at your next conference or church event?  You can message him or the CMU team via the Church Marketing University Facebook Page.

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