Molly Pelic

Molly Pelic is a Google Ad Grant Manager and Website Coach at Church Marketing University. She has served as the Outreach Director and Youth Ministry Leader at her church and has experience working in her church’s kids ministry, worship ministry, safety team, multi-site launch team, and more. This ministry experience, combined with her Google Ad certification, makes her uniquely equipped to help churches with their online marketing strategies. In her free time, Molly loves reading books (and is always excited about book recommendations, so don’t hesitate to recommend!), going on adventures, and meeting new dogs.

One of Molly’s main focuses at Church Marketing University is the Google Grant Management Program. Through this program, Molly connects churches (and other non-profits) with Google’s $10,000/month ad grant. Once the grant is set up, the CMU Google Ad Grant team runs the ads accounts and ensures that they meet Google’s requirements. If you’re interested in learning more about this program, email her here.

Molly also helps churches build websites on the Omega Website Platform. To learn more about the Omega website and Website Bootcamp opportunities, email her here.


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