Michael Persaud

Church Brand Guide

Michael Persaud helps churches attract people by assisting them in creating a clear brand strategy. The result is a beautiful visual representation of the vision that the world can relate to.

Michael has been creating media professionally since 2004 with organizations around the country. He had worked on several church staffs ranging from megachurches to volunteering in church plants. In 2011, he started a creative agency that produced branding elements like websites, logos, graphics, and video. In early 2016 he put together the Church Brand Guide podcast and blog to serve churches with resources to build a clear brand.

His brand strategy process helps churches build clarity about who they are to help them reach the community’s people. Church Brand Guide also provides creative services to establish a church’s visual identity.

Michael has helped hundreds of churches all over the country rebrand and reach the people of their city. His passion is for the local church, and he chooses to serve them so they can see their God-given vision become a reality.

Presenter Courses:

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