Julianne Harris

Church Marketing University

Julianne Harris is a copywriter* & customer service rep for Church Marketing University.  She has her BA in communications from Thomas Edison State University and had the privilege of interning at Friendship Church in 2019.  Her favorite thing about her job is that every day, she gets to serve the local church, whether that’s praying with someone, researching a topic that intimidates many church leaders, or helping people navigate the many resources inside of CMU.

When she isn’t working, Julianne enjoys knitting, trying new foods, curling up with a good book, and coaching her church’s Bible quiz team.  She lives in Michigan with her family, a sassy rabbit, and more notebooks than a sane person could possibly need.

*Although the term “copywriter” might lead you to believe otherwise, she does not deal with copyright issues or write on the copier.  As a copywriter, Julianne writes advertising copy (among other things!) for CMU.

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