Josh Cook

Rethink Hello

Joshua Cook is the co-founder of Rethink Hello.  He partners with ministries to help them grow through digital strategy and practical insights.

 Joshua has worked as the lead developer for Elevation Church, creating sites like and  After transitioning to a role with a large digital marketing firm, he also worked with brands like Apple and State Farm to create amazing digital experiences.

 What Joshua realized after working both for large ministries and large brands is that brands were much better at reaching people with their message, while ministries lacked clear digital strategy.  He wants to change that by bringing game-changing digital tactics to ministries.  He believes that ministries have a better message than businesses in the Gospel, and should be as good or better at reaching people with that message.

 Joshua lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife Tara, his three children and his dog and cat.  He has a degree from National University, and in his free time can be caught picking on a guitar or biking.