Andre Anderson

The Anderson System

Andre is a pastor, entrepreneur, and energetic speaker with a conversational style and a heart to help pastors reach this generation. He has been in youth ministry for over 20 years and has developed a coaching program that helps youth ministries get unstuck.  TheAndersonSystem takes the guesswork out of Youth Ministry with proven & practical systems that ensure your youth ministry is at peak productivity & your systems are built right to ensure ministry health & effectiveness. Most ministries using TheAndersonSystem have doubled their average attendance in a short amount of time, and have seen youth pastors operate at a higher level than ever before.

He also developed Build My Youth Church, which gives churches without a youth pastor programming and leadership to run youth services on a budget, and The Anderson List, which helps connect ministry professionals who are making a difference.

Andre currently is the Operations Director at TheGATE church in Hammond, Indiana, as well as Marketing director for their Evangel University-based leadership school. TheGATE had an average of 350 attendees before Covid. In the month of August, TheGATE’s services reached over 138,000 people using various systems from CMU.

If you want to reach young people effectively or have a speaker specializing in empowering the fatherless and connecting with God’s purpose, Contact Andre immediately.

Andre is an Asseblies of God Minister, has been married for 12 years, and has three kids.