In this episode, I’m going to share with you three keys for your church having a thriving digital ministry.

Answers these questions

  1. What are the three keys unlocking engagement on your church’s live streams?
  2. How can we cultivate relationships online?

Included in this episode

  1. Consistently show up.

    • Don’t overcommit. Instead, think: “What can we commit to, and how can we show up consistently?”
    • This comes back to relationships. If you want a thriving relationship with a person or group of people, you have to consistently show up & do the right things.
    • Your consistency will help your audience show up consistently, too.
  2. Cultivate engagement

    • People will engage with you if you engage with them.
    • Sow generously into engagement with others.
  3. The Conversation Framework

    • Create thoughtful content:
      • Think: “How do I add value with this content?”
      • Think: “How do I make this content engaging?”
      • These help you get into an audience-first mindset.
    • Encourage and invite reaction and engagement with your audience.
      • Ask questions & tell them to comment!
      • Create a conversation out of every comment. Don’t *just* respond, build a relationship!
      • Take those conversations, and move them over to direct messages


  • Commit to consistently live streaming at least once per week.
  • What times can/will you live stream?
  • Cultivate engagement using the tips in this episode.
  • Train your team to turn every comment into a conversation!
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