Ryan Wakefield Church Marketing University

Ryan is the founder of Church Marketing University, where he helps churches all over the world get more visitors each week. He and his wife, Amy, and daughter, Katelyn, are a part of Summit Park Church in Kansas City, Missouri.  Ryan has many years of experie... read more

Outreach and Marketing Lessons from a Church Planter

We LOVE seeing what CMU churches are doing! In this interview with Ryan Keller from Church on a Mission, we discuss what he’s learned about outreach and marketing over his first two years as a church planter in Louisiana.

As a church marketer, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by obstacles, issues or a lack of finances. But, in this interview Ryan unpacks how he felt called to leap into church planting at an early age and how every problem has a solution. We’re excited to share his insights and an amazing dose of encouragement!