*By uploading original files, I agree that CMU and the churches who use the New Beginning Kit can use my video clip.

How Do I Upload My Files?

Upload your files herebe sure to put your full name in the file name! That’s how we’ll know to give you your $100 Amazon card if your video is selected!

By putting your full name in the file name, it makes it easier for us to circle back with you if your video is selected for us to use in the kit!  ????

How Might My Clips be Used?

If selected, your video will be used as part of some amazing resources that we’re putting together for the Church Marketing Conference (September 20-22- be sure to mark your calendar!) We’re trying to bless thousands of churches with a unique, crowd-sourced video that captures the moments that celebrate “new” milestones.

What Kind of Videos Are You Looking For?

To give you an idea of what we are doing, here is an older video done years ago that we are modeling after.  

If you haven’t submitted your videos yet, it’s not too late!  We are STILL looking for just a few more specific clips. We are looking for four life events: 

  • Wedding
  • Graduation
  • A child’s first steps 
  • A child opening a gift

Bonus points if the video clips are vertical/selfie style.

These videos will need to be original/non-copyright because the final product will be used by thousands of churches! If you don’t have a video like this in your camera roll, you could always go shoot it yourself!

You can submit your videos using this link.

I Submitted My Clip- When Will I Hear?

First of all- THANK YOU! Your clip has the potential to impact thousands of churches, as they impact their communities!

If your clip was selected, we’ll be reaching out no later than August to give you your Amazon gift card.