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Nail Your Church Social Media This Christmas

It’s all too real.  The endless to-do lists, the struggle to make your voice heard, and looming deadlines as the end of December quickly approaches.  You find yourself grimacing when you hear Christmas music or the other church staff start talking about parties and choir practice.  You don’t mean to be a grinch, but you have a lot to do and this season is hectic enough without the constant reminders.

We get it.  Life as the church social media manager (or, as the pastor or ministry director who also does social) can be even crazier than normal during Christmas.  That’s why we’ve partnered with our friends at Firm Foundations Marketing to bring you the Christmas social media pack of your dreams.  When you download the Ultimate Christmas Kit, you’ll not only save time, you’ll look like a star!  (Sorry, not sorry for the lame pun).

This stellar design highlights the idea of the hope that Christmas brings, and is the perfect jumping-off point for posts ranging from the salvation message to ways to provide hope to those in need during the holidays. The files are downloadable and customizable (either using graphic-editing software or by hiring Firm Foundations Marketing to do it for you), and they come with cool extras that you might not have thought to use on your own.

For example, the kit includes a design for a floor mat, where people at your church can take shoefies (yep, that is 100% a word), post them to their social accounts, and use them as a tool to invite their friends to church.  The best part? Your church is getting exposure online, and you don’t have to plan a single post or caption to get it.

 Or, take the cool motion graphics that have been pre-designed for you- with an overlay of sparkling stars to remind your audience of the wonder of the season.  There’s a Facebook cover photo, ready to be customized for your church, and, perhaps best of all, on-theme graphics you can use everywhere- on social media, on the website, and on your screens during service.

It’s our Christmas gift to you- more time and energy to spend celebrating the season, instead of worrying about what to post on social media.  

Unwrap the Ultimate Christmas Kit today and become a social media rockstar this holiday season.



The Ultimate Christmas Kit for Churches