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Make This Christmas the Start of Something New

Real talk: if you’re a pastor or an involved volunteer at a church, the continuous rush of events surrounding holidays like Christmas can be demoralizing.  You muster your people, everyone gets excited, you run a killer event and poof!  It’s over.  The next Sunday, things are the same as ever- except everyone is exhausted and a little more jaded about the difference their hard work is making in the community.  We call this the “Next Week Crash,” and know from experience that it’s all too real.

We think there’s a better way to approach events.  That’s why our Ultimate Christmas Kit includes training and resources for getting people to come back after they visit your church this Christmas.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • In-depth coaching videos that will help you start thinking less about the “big event” and more about “big impact”.
  • 10 ideas for avoiding the next week crash
  • Tips for getting people to fill out connect cards so that you can start that following up.
  • Access to an in-depth follow-up plan that you can modify for your church’s use.  

In the meantime, here are five of our best tips for curbing that next week crash:

  • Don’t spend 100% of your marketing budget on the event.  We know it’s tempting to pull out all the stops, but you don’t want to set people up for a letdown when they return.  A better percentage? Try using 66% of your budget on promotion and the event itself, and 33% for follow-up.
  • Foster a church culture where hospitality is everyone’s job.  Often, it helps to ask people to imagine how they’d want an unbelieving loved one to be treated if they showed up at a church, and act accordingly.
  • Get information out early!  The sooner people can add your church event to their calendars, the sooner excitement starts building around it.
  • At the event, prioritize getting contact information.  You can’t build a relationship with someone if you have no way of getting communicating with them!
  • Before, during and after: pray.  You’re in ministry because you believe in the power of God.  At Christmas and always, we need His help to reach lives for the sake of the gospel.

Want more?  Download the Ultimate Christmas Kit today and let us help you make this the best Christmas yet!

(CMU churches, be sure to locate the kit inside your dashboard for access to even more resources to help your church follow up this Christmas!)


The Ultimate Christmas Kit for Churches