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Improve Your Church’s Live Stream with Live Control

Big announcement today! We’re kicking off a video series with our friends over at LIVE Control to help churches take their live stream and digital ministry up to the next level. Live Control solves the technology side of live stream so your team can focus more on ministry.

In the first video, we walk you through the giveaway and do an unboxing of the Live Control online church gear.  It’s an amazing package that will help you bring your church’s live streams to the next level!

Be sure you schedule your church’s demo with the Live Control team and ask for your CMU discount.

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What is Live Control?

Put simply, LiveControl = An Entire Production Studio in the Cloud

The world of live streaming house of worship services is still new territory to many churches. It sounds daunting from the hardware and software costs to the technical difficulties, not to mention preaching to a camera to an audience at home instead of your in-person congregation.

LiveControl tries to make the process as simple and easy for you as possible by taking care of all of your live streaming and video production needs, and they do it 100% remotely.

If finding volunteer videographers, sound techs, or knowing what equipment to use is a struggle for you, Live Control can help!  They work with churches to make their live streams more professional and reliable, using robotic cameras & their proprietary streaming platform that cuts down on the number of potential issues with your streaming quality.  They’ll also tailor the production to fit your church’s building and worship style, whether you have a more traditional or modern setting.

Process & Features

LiveControl installs their 4K multi-camera setup into your church, and their team of remote videographers pan, tilt, zoom, and mix the cameras remotely to produce an amazing live streamed video, entirely in the cloud. Their PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras come equipped with:

  • 4K video for the highest resolution
  • 35x zoom for quality close-ups from 140 feet away
  • 1/1.7” sensors for ultra-high definition.

They even provide churches with a personalized web player where congregants can watch live services and see their church’s service schedule. If you’re already streaming on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Livestream.Com, or any other streaming platform, LiveControl can continue to stream your services to those platforms.

Their clients have been able to see: 

  • 5x online giving with LiveControl’s giving features
  • 75% reduction in cost by taking your live streaming costs from a whole production crew to a studio in the cloud
  • 4x increase in online viewers with the ability to reach your congregation and their families wherever they are.

One of their clients, Campus Pastor John Volinsky from Bayside Church, spoke to the services that LiveControl offers, saying that “most people that come to Bayside actually first watched our services online.” Since using LiveControl, Bayside’s campuses have been able to scale their video production while lowering their costs, and their pastors can focus on what they do best: spreading their message, enacting their mission, and maintaining strong relationships with their congregants.

To learn more about LiveControl and how they can help your church start or improve your live streaming solution, AND get 25% off your first 3 months, click here to schedule a free demo with their team.

In the second part of this video series, we interview two pastors who use Live Control as their church.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the installation process like?
The Live Control equipment takes many pastors about an hour to set up, following the instructions that come in the kit.  However, if you want the help of a professional (or if you want any wires hidden in your church’s walls), Live Control will work with you to hire a local, recommended installer.

Will you make us change our lighting or sound?
This experience is a partnership between Live Control & your church.  Usually they will work with what you have.  If you’d like to talk to a specialist and utilize the onboarding process to its fullest to eliminate any issues you see, that’s an option too.  In any case, there will be a dedicated account manager for you! 

Can you do a multi-room setup?
Yes!  Your church’s monthly payment will depend on the number of cameras you need, but adding cameras in extra rooms is definitely an option.

Can we bring guests onto our live stream?
Yes!  Keep in mind, pre-recorded streams are going to be the most stable way to bring guests on, but you can bring them on via zoom or another live chatting platform.

What’s the price?
Pricing packages vary based on your church’s needs.  If you schedule a demo, they will walk you through your needs for a detailed quote, 30 min call.  Sign up using the CMU link, above, and you’ll save 25%!

Can we use the PTZ cameras we already have?
Absolutely!  Live Control can run your live stream using any PTZ camera.

Is this workable for churches with multiple campuses?
Yes!  And you will actually save money because there’s no limit on the number of services you can schedule

Is this available for mobile churches?
Not yet, but stay tuned!

Want More Information?

Get more information or request a demo here.

Watch our cohort interview with Jacob here.

Watch this CMU interview video to hear case studies from Live Control churches:

Live Control Church Live Stream Examples

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3