Molly Pelic

Molly Pelic is a Google Ad Grant Manager and Website Coach at Church Marketing University. She has served as the Outreach Director and Youth Ministry Leader at her church and has experience working in her church's kids ministry, worship ministry, safety team, ... read more

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John-Erik Moseler


John-Erik Moseler is a pastor, growth hacker, geek, and the Cheif Adventure Officer at Adventure Social. His mission is to help people change the world by following their God-given dreams.

Monthly/Calendar year talks:

Here are the speakers who will be guiding you through specific milestones in your 12-month marketing plan.

CMU Guest Presenter Chris Abott

Chris Abbott

January: Start Strong

Chris is a pastor, marketer, and church leader who has been involved in 4 local church plants and coached thousands of pastors through his online coaching programs. In his session, you’ll learn how to start strong at the beginning of 2021!

Pastor Larry Weathers

Larry Weathers

Easter for the Unchurched

Larry is the CEO of Weathers Enterprises Group, a consulting, training, and developing firm, as well as the Lead Pastor of the church Apex Everywhere in Metro Atlanta. Larry will be joining the CMU conference lineup to talk about leveraging Easter as an opportunity to reach the unchurched.

Jennifer Benton

Jennifer Benton

Grow During the Summer

Jennifer is a social media aficionado, community builder, and the founder of Jenetic Marketing Group. In her session, you’ll hear great ways to reach the community and share the Gospel during the Summer!

Seth Muse


Seth has been in ministry for over 20 years, recently serving as Communications Director at a thriving church in North Dallas. In his session at the Church Marketing Conference, Seth will help you learn more about church marketing during the Halloween season.

Headshot of Michael Persaud

Michael Persaud

Your Christmas Marketing Plan

Michael helps churches attract people by assisting them in creating a clear brand strategy. In his conference session, Michael will talk through developing a Christmas marketing plan, including how to identify a problem, be the solution, and give people a result this Christmas. 

Church Marketing Ideas Adam McLaughlin

Adam McLaughlin

Need More Volunteers?

What church doesn’t need more volunteers? Adam loves discussing all things marketing and communications and helps communicators inform their churches and impact their communities. He’ll be joining the CMU conference lineup to address the issue of lack of volunteers- especially around big events like Easter.


Year-long Systems:

Here are the speakers who will be helping your church make incremental progress every single month.


Katie Allred


Katie is the founder of, where she helps over 20,000 churches with their marketing and branding. In her session, you’ll learn more about evangelism strategies and mindsets.

Andre Anderson headshot

Andre Anderson

Student Ministry Marketing / Events

Andre is a pastor, entrepreneur, and energetic speaker with a conversational style and a heart to help pastors reach this generation. He’ll be speaking about ways to host and market events to reach students in your church and community

Greg Atkinson

Hospitality Revamp

Greg is an author, leadership coach, consultant, founder of Worship Impressions and the First Impressions conference, and member of the Forbes Coaching Council. Greg will be joining us live during the CMU conference to discuss revamping your church hospitality systems and mindset.

Pastor Myron Pierce

Myron Pierce

Mobilizing Missionaries

Myron is the founder and lead pastor of Mission Church in Omaha, striving to unleash unprecedented hope in the inner city. He’ll be sharing about raising up a church of digital missionaries, equipped to enter the social media space and share the Gospel.

Ryan Keller

Plan Your Experience

Ryan Keller, one of our CMU Coaches, is the Lead Pastor of Church on a Mission in Kenner, Louisiana. Ryan will be sharing effective and relational connection strategies for both online and in-person ministry, including the details behind his church’s Plan Your Experience program.

Dick and Jonathan Hardy

How to Develop a Leadership Pipeline

Through Leaders.Church, Dick and Jonathan equip pastors with the tools to strengthen their personal leadership in the church. In their conference session, you’ll learn two effective ways to develop a pipeline of new leaders ready and equipped to serve. 

picture of Tyler Rominger, guest presenter in the search engine course

Tyler Rominger

Dial-in your Website

Tyler is the founder of Ministry Designs, a church website company, as well as an avid SEO student, consultant, and practitioner. You’ll walk away from his session with practical steps you can take to make your website attractive and helpful to new visitors.

Headshot of Tyler Smith

Tyler Smith

Your Church’s Follow-Up Plan

Tyler’s brother’s church had guests coming through the door but they couldn’t find a way to be consistent in following up with them – so Tyler built a platform to do just that. Tyler will be joining us to share information about Text In Church, his platform, as well as an overall strategy to develop a follow-up plan for your church.

Jim Wilkes

15-Month Generosity Plan

Jim is a pastor, consultant, and entrepreneur, teaching churches how to use healthy systems to accelerate growth both personally and organizationally. He created the Generosity Builder (a custom branded giving platform) and will be sharing a 15-month plan to help your attenders grow in generosity and become deeply invested in your church ministry.


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