Want to Reach More People? Church Marketing University can help!

Check out this note from Pastor Deane:

“We live in rural Midwest in Ohio (population 2000). We were at 120 people with some salvations and some growth as of last Easter. It’s been a year now of using your material, we’re pushing 300! With 26 salvations in the past week! We are literally seeing salvations every week! It’s been awesome! We praise God for what He’s doing. But also, for the equipping and educating you give. As a Senior pastor, it’s priceless! So thank you for all your hard work!”

Check out more stories from some of the 1,000+ CMU churches all over the world.

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Team access to ALL 30+ CMU courses ($3,497 value)
 All 100+ downloadable files ($750 value)
Social Church Conference ($197 value)
Unlimited Questions
✅ The Ultimate Christmas Kit
Facebook Ads Conference for Churches ($119 value)
 Church Audio University ($497)
 Church Hero Live Stream Course ($197)
Church Hero Video Editing Course ($97)
 Social Media Guidelines Course ($40 value)
 Church Generosity Series ($249 value) This alone will increase giving at your church and “pay back” your enrollment many times over.
 Any new course, file, or episode we launch in the next 2 years.
 Private CMU Members Only Facebook Group
 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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“This course has the potential to skyrocket your impact. We’ve implemented the EXACT STRATEGY taught in CMU and have seen incredible momentum in our church and community.”

Scott Obremski
Lead Pastor, Summit Park Church

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A Step-by-Step Training to Help Your Church Grow

Developing a church marketing strategy doesn’t have to be hard. That’s why we created Church Marketing University. In this online course, we bring expert strategy and wisdom from years of experience working with megachurches, church plants, and everything in between.

Church Marketing University Online Course

Whether you’re a lead pastor, staff pastor, intern, or volunteer, we’ll show you exactly where to focus (and what to completely ignore) so that you can effortlessly reach more people.

Instead of trying to keep up with the latest trends and then figure out how to translate that to the church context, you’ll have one place to go to discover marketing strategy that’s specifically geared toward churches.

You’ll also have a clear plan for reaching and retaining new people at your church. This will enable you to make an impact in your community and achieve the kind of clarity and satisfaction you’ve always dreamed of for your church.

We remove the mystery behind what it takes to successfully market your church AND in doing so will save you time.

Yes, I want a marketing strategy without being overwhelmed

Reach Your Community in Brand New Ways

Church Marketing University is the premium, online course for church leaders looking to help their church reach more people. It’s proven advice designed to help YOU learn efficiently and confidently.

You can follow along and learn at your own pace so that you can work around those busier ministry seasons.

CMU consists of 30 courses with over 150 training videos. Each specialized video digs deep with ultra-practical tutorials and actionable lessons. We talk about how to do church marketing from A to Z.

We believe churches can lead at a higher level and impact more people if they have the understanding, knowledge, and equipping to do so. And that’s what Church Marketing University will do for you – help you implement marketing strategies that work!

Experience Growth One Tweak At A Time

Each of our modules consists of one big idea you can immediately begin working toward.

We understand that developing and implementing a marketing system takes time, but focusing on the big idea will help you stay on track and experience the kind of church growth and influence you desire.

By joining today, you’ll immediately have access to all 30 courses, done-for-you downloads, the Premium Members Only Facebook Group, and unlimited questions.

We believe it’s important that you execute the foundational strategies first before moving to the more advanced strategies.

In Church Marketing University’s you’ll get full team access to 30+ courses and the following bonuses:

Facebook Ads Conference

Church Audio University

Generosity Boost Series

Live Stream Course

Video Editing Course

Premium Members Group

Unlimited Questions

Full Team Access

Any New Courses

Any New Downloads

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Foundations Conference

One Year Access

Open Enrollment Discount

Downloadable Artwork Templates

Why CMU?

  • Your entire team can access the materials. This is crucial for churches who want to recruit, train, and empower teams.
  • The content is video based and can be accessed on demand.
  • We teach you how to build a system that will work for you for years to come.
  • We’ve done 80% of the hard work for you. Each course is loaded with done-for-you materials!
  • You’re supported with an ongoing community.
  • You can ask our experts unlimited questions. Compare that to a conference.
  • All presenters are fellow church leaders in the trenches with you.
  • We’re constantly updating the courses and adding new ones.
  • We’ll show you how to make the most of your marketing dollars so you’re not wasting money.

Church Marketing University is designed to help your church reach your city in a way that saves you time, builds your team, and grows your budget. The goal is to help your church see more visitors each week and more lives changed than ever before!

Types of Churches

We have over 1,000 churches from all across the world taking part in Church Marketing University. Churches getting the most out of CMU generally fall into one of these three categories:

  1. A church plant that already understands the importance of marketing and wants to start with a powerful marketing system.
  2. A church that has plateaued or even started to decline and realize it is time to change the way they do outreach.
  3. A megachurch who wants to use CMU as professional development for their team.

Money-Back Guarantee

Worried that CMU may not be a perfect fit for your church? You can try it out for 30 days at no risk. We have a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee!

Expert Presenters

You’ll here incredible step-by-step strategies from expert presenters. These leaders have been handpicked for their love for churches and their ability to help your church make progress.

Perfect for Team and Volunteer Training

The churches that get the most out of CMU use a divide and conquer approach. They use the courses to help recruit, train, and empower their volunteers. Most pastors don’t know how to build a marketing system let alone have time to train teams on how to do it.

Bonus Courses

When you enroll in Church Marketing University, you’ll also get access to some bonus courses. These include the Church Hero Live Streaming Course and a Video Editing Course. Just these bonuses alone are valued at over $497!

Generosity Course

The biggest objection we hear from churches is that CMU is a big investment. So we went ahead and included a full course on generosity. This course alone will pay back your investment many times over.

Downloadable Resources

There is over $2500 worth of downloads inside the CMU courses. Your team will get access to artwork files, spreadsheets, communication templates, printable pieces, email starters, checklists, tracking tools, e-books, articles, and so much more.

Private Facebook Community

CMU churches get access to the CMU Members Only Facebook Group. This community alone is worth the enrollment price. We do exclusive live consulting and real- time coaching throughout the year.

Unlimited Q&A

Every course allows your team to ask questions. We even have a Q&A Course where we take some of the most popular questions and do a case study. It’s like a year round conference where you always have access to the speakers!

Access to All Content and Updates

Your entire team will receive access to all Church Marketing University updates for as long as you are enrolled! This includes any courses, episodes, conferences, kits, or downloads we release along the way.

eye with blue background

6 Videos | 8 Resources

1. Overview

Getting Started with CMU

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University
route with a blue background, for Church Marketing University's Bootcamp Course

7 Videos | 3 Resources

2. Bootcamp

Church Marketing Bootcamp

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University
Person holding a flag, for Church Marketing University's Lead Pastor Course

6 Videos | 1 Resources

3. Lead Pastors

What Senior Leaders Need to Know

survey box graphic for CMU's Guest Experience Course

13 Videos | 15 Resources

4. Guest Experience

Getting Ready For Your Guests

6 Videos | 6 Resources

5. Reviews

Getting Great Reviews

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University
camera on a blue background

8 Videos | 8 Resources

6. Photography

Your Secret Weapon

magnifying glass on a blue background

13 Videos | 19 Resources

7. Search Engines

Search Engine Optimizaiton

Conversation bubbles on a blue background

16 Videos | 2 Resources

8. Question & Answer

Your Questions Answered

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University
Envelope on a blue background

7 Videos | 7 Resources

9. Email

Creating A System That Works

Sticker with mountains on a blue background

8 Videos | 7 Resources

10. Branding

Compelling and Consistent

Hashtag and heart on a blue background

19 Videos | 7 Resources

11. Social Media

Reaching People Where They Are

Outline of a web page with a blue background

7 Videos | 1 Resources

12. Website

Setting Up Your Visitor Pipeline

Paper with mountains stuck on a wall, with a blue background

10 Videos | 9 Resources

13. Communications

Traditional Advertising Channels

speech bubble coming out of a phone

7 Videos | 2 Resources

14. Text

The Most Effective Way to Connect

play symbol on a blue background

7 Videos | 5 Resources

15. Video

Harnessing The Power Of Video

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University
party confetti emoji on a blue background

6 Videos | 6 Resources

16. Big Events

Event Marketing on Steriods

helping churches go from big event to big impact

10 Videos | 12 Resources

Private: 17. Rethinking Easter

From Big Event to Big Impact

14 Videos | 8 Resources

19. Launching

Let's Start Something New

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University

16 Videos | 1 Resources

20. Facebook Ads

Learn How To Reach More People

5 Videos | 2 Resources

21. Marketing Management

Leading The Way With Metrics

Ryan Wakefield
Church Marketing University

5 Videos | 3 Resources

22. Marketing Breakthrough

Becoming Even More Effective

8 Videos | 4 Resources

23. Outreach

Building Bridges To Your Community

10 Videos | 3 Resources

24. Volunteers

Build A Great Team

18 Videos | 5 Resources

25. Google Grant

Nonprofit Advertising

10 Videos | 3 Resources

26. Instagram

One Of The Hottest New Social Platforms

Church Marketing Copywriting Course

10 Videos | 1 Resources

27. Copywriting

Improve Everything You Communicate

Wes Gay

12 Videos | 4 Resources

28. Facebook Groups

Build a Powerful Social Community

11 Videos | 4 Resources

29. Plan A Visit

Turn Online Visitors Into In Person Attenders

7 Videos | 13 Resources

30. Follow Up

Connecting people to Jesus and His church

Ryan Keller
Church on a Mission

8 Videos | 1 Resources

31. Mindset

Don’t let your limiting beliefs keep you from your God-given dream!

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Bonus 1


This is a great tool to use when planning out your church’s communications calendar. It has over 100 different ways most churches communicate with their internal and external audiences. This tool makes sure you don’t miss any opportunity. It also helps you visualize and understand the big picture — how all your individual communications can work together

Bonus 2


A complete set of downloads and templates for marketing your church. Every time we talk about something in one of our modules, we aren’t simply going to talk about it. We decided we wanted to make templates for you so you can literally plug in your logo and photography and you’re off and running. Direct mail pieces, invite cards, posters, door hangers, brochures, Facebook Ad templates, and more!

Bonus 3


Discover ideas and insights to start increasing the level of generosity in your church. Applying the principles taught in this video series will not only help you pay for your Church Marketing University investment, but it will also set your church up for healthy growth for years to come.

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