Team Development

The more you invest in yourselves as a team, the more skills you have, the better equipped you are to reach a modern world. Everyone on your team will have access to CMU. No license limitations so it’s easy to use CMU to recruit, train, develop, and empower  your teams.

Local Missions

What does it cost to send one student on an overseas missions trip? Now what if you look at Church Marketing University a two year local missions trip to your community?

Return On Investment

If you do the math, it only takes a few people to join your church as a result of CMU to more than pay for your investment.

Don’t Waste Money and Time

CMU will save you from wasting a ton of time and money on things that will not help your church. Learn from leaders who understand the church, simplify technical topics and help you leverage it inside your church.


Whether it’s buying a new ipad, bringing in a guest speaker, sending several team members to a conference, these expenses add up quickly. Put in context, CMU really is not just affordable, but a wise investment for your church.

Data Driven

We studied thousands of churches to determine what growing churches are doing that declining church are not doing. Investing in marketing is one of those things that growing churches are doing!

Money Back Guarantee

We believe CMU will help you see new visitors each week so much that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. No questions asked. If you decide that it’s simply not a fit for you, we’ll give you every penny back.

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