To the church leader who wants a steady stream of people visiting your church:

Give us 30 days and we’ll kickstart your journey to getting..

More visitors every single week through our step-by-step church growth program.

There are no shortcuts to healthy church growth, and reaching people doesn’t happen by accident. You need a simple, step-by-step process that works.

There are 3 essentials that every church needs to reach new people every single week:

Searching for the Lost

Searching for the Lost

Searching for the Lost

Read on to see how we can take the guesswork and stress out of finding people who are looking for a church, equipping your people to invite, and reaching into your community in ways that show people the love of Jesus!
“We had the most reach we have ever had from a FB ad, which resulted in some of our members friends showing up, random people messaging the church, and 20 new people in the last 2 weeks.”
Ryan Keller
Church on a Mission

Pastors LOVE this program because it’s about seeing lives transformed!

It’s awful when you feel like your church is the best-kept secret in town.  

God is moving, but it’s like no one outside your four walls can see it!  

Plus, it’s easy to get caught up in a never-ending treadmill of activity that doesn’t get you anywhere.  Keeping up with the daily demands of ministry often means you don’t have time to get the word out about your church.

There’s nothing wrong with ministering faithfully to the people God has placed in your care, of course.  But this is super frustrating because you got into ministry to see lives changed.  

You and I both know the world has changed.  The days are gone when you could throw some money at sending out mailers and see a huge number of people show up the next Sunday.  It’s hard to figure out what works anymore, and you don’t have the luxury of spending all day exploring new solutions.

Well, the reality is this: churches need a simple path forward to reach more people each week.  

And that won’t happen by accident.  

Some pastors just keep doing what they’re doing and hope one day it’ll change.  

Others jump from conference to conference, from one silver bullet to another webinar.

How has that worked for you so far?

If you’re like most church leaders we talk to, both of those options leave you feeling more discouraged than when you started.  

You’re still on the treadmill of activity without seeing results.  

There’s a better way.  A way that gets results but doesn’t leave you empty and exhausted, with nothing to give to your congregation.You need a marketing system, a step-by-step church growth program

A GREAT Church Marketing System, doesn’t just help your church get more visitors. It helps you:

...and it does all this for you without you having to try to figure it out yourself!

Your marketing system is like your 24/7 Outreach Pastor!

When you look at churches that are having a significant impact in their community, they all have a system that…

Reaches people every week

Responds to people 24/7 who are searching for hope

Encourages their people to invite every single week!

Imagine having a way to reach people in your community every day that are searching for hope.  Even when you’re sleeping, your system is serving people who are searching for answers and the life that only Jesus can give them!

If people in your community who don’t have a church don’t know you exist, they won’t be able to come.  And when they’re searching for answers and hope, they need to know you’re there. 

The #1 Mistake Frustrated Church Leaders Keep Making:

When your church isn’t seeing as many visitors as you’d like, many pastors and church leaders just keep trying more and more stuff.

“I saw this idea at a conference, let’s get it going!”

“Maybe if I just get this curriculum, or sing these songs, or dress this way…”

“I was up late last night, and I decided that maybe we need to start a program that…”

When you operate like this, there’s a never-ending treadmill of ideas that increase the confusion and overwhelm- for your staff and your people!

You’re going to waste a lot of time and energy and never solve the problem. Throwing money at random ideas doesn’t work.

But this is appealing right?

Pastors tend to want a silver bullet- that’s part of being human. We throw a bunch of money on a mailer and hope people show up. You try to hack your way through a Facebook ad and then get frustrated when the only people who interact with them are spammers. You do everything you can to encourage people to invite their friends and family, and nothing changes.

But if your church is full of people who are frustrated and overwhelmed…

Does that sound like the kind of place they’ll want to invite their friends?

The difference between having a marketing system and trying to create random buzz is like the difference between having a sprinkler system or watering your lawn by hand.

Sure, it’s going to get watered if you use a hose, but you’re not going to get nearly the same results as if you have a system in place.

But it's NOT your fault if you don't have a system...

There are so many ideas out there about what it takes to grow your church.

Some are good.  Some are good for other churches, but just exhausting for your context.

If you don’t have a system for church growth that works for you by now, that’s not because you’re a bad leader.

If you’re not seeing lives changed at your church, here’s a news flash:

it’s probably not your fault.

The fact that you’re reading this means you realize that you want to be reaching more people- you have a heart for the lost that Jesus came to save!

You got into ministry to reach people with the transforming, life-altering love and grace of Jesus-

but seminary doesn’t teach you how to market your church, does it? 

If you’re doing all you can to preach the gospel, but…

… your people aren’t inviting

… there’s no enthusiasm to try anything new because your people are worn out and there’s not new energy coming in

… you have so much on your plate that carving out the time to do one more thing will just steal time away from your family

… you’re tired of trying to sort through all the bad and good advice out there on church growth

Then you don’t need to be a “better pastor.”  That might be what the voice inside your head is saying, but it’s not true.  You’re already doing a great job.

You need a team with the time & expertise to help you get a steady stream of new visitors each week.

To help you build a marketing system that will allow you to do what you’re called to do- minister to the people in your congregation and preach the gospel!

You need CMU Grow.

You might be wondering, “Why do we need a system? Shouldn’t we just preach the gospel and they’ll come?”

Here’s the deal: we live in a world that’s increasingly post-Christian.  An estimated [percent] of people didn’t grow up in a Christian home.

We can’t expect to just build a church and have people come.

But, this isn’t a reason for despair.  As humans, we are hardwired to need God.  Our souls yearn for only the hope that He can give.  There’s a HUGE opportunity for churches to minister to people who are looking for answers to life’s toughest questions!

If you’re like most who’ve read this far, you probably see the value in creating a 24/7 marketing system for your church. But you’re probably wondering:

How am I supposed to do that?!

Building a system to get your church a steady stream of visitors can feel daunting and intimidating. And we get it.

But here’s a little secret for you:

Great Church Marketing Systems don’t assemble themselves.

They’re NOT based on hunches or feelings.

They’re based on proven results.

Imagine just for a minute you have the right marketing plan in place. Imagine a team of experts guiding you each step of the way. Imagine that team setting up the majority of the system for you.

You’d have a church marketing system being assembled and start working in just 30 days from now.

And the great news? Once this system starts working, we just build more and more momentum for your church!

Imagine it’s Sunday night 30, 60, or 90 days from now and you’re looking back over your day.

You’re already amazed at the visitors you’re starting to see. You’re feeling peaceful, knowing that your church is starting to make a difference in your community and you have the time and energy to shepherd it well.

No more overwhelm.

No more wondering if you have the right plan in place.

No more wasting time or money.


Well, you don’t have to imagine any longer!

Introducing Grow by Church Marketing University.

It’s the simple step-by-step process you’ve been searching for- with proven strategies to get your church a steady stream of visitors each week- or your money back!

It’s time to get your church a steady stream of visitors each week.  Let’s put those days of being the best-kept secret in town behind you!  Just like it’s done for other Jesus-centered churches:

"CMU equipped our church to reach people like never before. CMU walked us through steps we wouldn't have figured out on our own, and they broke it down into easy, accomplishable steps that continue to build on each other. Now we have so many tools in place to reach people effectively with the good news of Christ in incredible ways, like Google ads that help people see who we are through our new website that was easy to set up through website bootcamp and looks incredible."
Michelle Rux
Director of Connections, Cypress Meadows Community Church)
“I was blown away when I saw CMU was offering a Google Grant Management service. We were paying way too much for this service and the people that were running it were targeting people 150 miles away. When I switched to CMU, we quickly saw a more personal approach to ads run for our church, targeting people in our community at half the cost! If you want personal google ads for your church at a great price while also being effective, talk to CMU!”
Ryan Keller
Lead Pastor,Church on a Mission
“We noticed a definite increase in the number of visitors we're seeing each week now as soon as CMU started managing our Google Grant. We even had new visitors during the high point of Covid when we had to move our services outdoors and are continuing to see a steady stream of new people every week”
Jenifer Swindell
Communications Pastor, Asbury Church

As soon as you enroll in Grow, here’s what happens:


Simple, step-by-step Church Growth Program.


Google Grant Pro


Ongoing Support


Amazing Bonuses

Now, you might be thinking: this sounds GREAT! But what if I don’t have a ton of time or a big team right now?

That’s what’s awesome about this program!  Our team sets up and runs the ads for you.

When you’re ready or as your team grows, you can unlock the amazing bonuses to really take your marketing system to the next level!  Just ask these church leaders:

"CMU has been amazing! We had 4times the turnout for our fall festival this year solely on Google ads. At least 10 families have found us recently because of Good ads, and they have become regular attendees!"
Jenifer Swindell
Communications Pastor, Asbury Church
"Our church started on page 16 for Google’s search for Churches in Louisville, KY. Since working with the CMU team, we are now on the second listing on page one. Whoohoo!!!"
James Gribbins
Pastor, The Lifesong Community Church
"CMU saved my life! About 2 years ago I took this position as Experiences Pastor and realized we had huge gaps in our digital presence. I started going through the courses, and I had my team go through it as well. We got our digital presence squared away and got our social media much improved. In fact, we actually have 200 MORE people engaging in our church than we had before COVID. Plus our giving is up! I believe that CMU had a huge part in all of this."
Jason Dunkin
Experiences Pastor, Mount Paran North Church

See why our churches are so thrilled about this!

For years, Church Growth Agency and Church Marketing University have been obsessed with helping churches get more visitors. We’ve created conferences and kits and programs that are amazing and help churches and are included in your step-by-step training in grow.

For years, we’ve been dreaming of how we could take what we do and put it into a simple program where we do most of the work for churches.

That time is here.

Grow is the best of the best programs from of all our years of experience. We’ve eliminated everything that doesn’t help you get more visitors every week.

So not only are you getting an amazing experience, you’re getting proven methods for helping your church grow. Normally, the Google Ad Grant Management program ALONE would go for $$$ per month- but for the first 100 churches, we’re giving you Grow for just $297 per month.

Enroll in Grow TODAY!

Just $297 per month

Helps you all sleep easily at night!

The “My Church’s Finance Guy Is Nervous” Guarantee.

Guarantee #1: Test Drive Program for 30 days. When you enroll, we’ll help you apply for and secure the Google Ad Grant. If you’re denied, we’ll do what we can to help you secure anyway. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll gladly refund your investment, no questions asked.

After we get the Google Grant up and running for your church and complete the Foundations Course. If it’s not working after 365 days, we’ll refund your investment.

And because we LOVE helping your church grow, we have 4 5 additional gifts for you:

Bonus #1

Church Marketing University

$2,997/year value

Foundations Course, Kits, Conference Replays.  Training for your entire team.

Bonus #2

Omega Church Website

$997/year value

Best church website on the market, easy to update, seamlessly syncs with CMU and Grow, and helps you get more visitors each week! 

Bonus #3

Ministry First Marketing System™

$$$ Value

Create a prayer campaign unlike anything you’ve done before- with the potential to reach your whole city!

Bonus #4

Your Social Media Solution

$$$ Value

Monthly Social Media Guides and a collection of Facebook Ad Templates.  Everything you need to create authentic relationships with people on Social Media.   

Bonus #5

Digital Location Audit!

$$$ Value

For churches who enroll before January 12, Digital Location Audit!  Our team will personally assess your church’s digital presence and give you some tips on how to improve it!

Okay, let’s recap!

When you join Grow, you immediately receive:

Enroll in Grow TODAY!

Just $297 per month

"In the last 30 days, we are using 6,000 per month in Google’s grant money. There have been 11,000 who have seen our ad and over have 1,000 clicked through to our church’s website."
Asbury Raleigh Church

But wait!   Before you click that button to get started!

The Grow Program is not for everyone.

Yep, we said it.  

CMU Grow is not for you if:

  • Your church is not a 401(c)3 and not interested in becoming a registered nonprofit
  • You live in a country that doesn’t have access to the Google Ad Grant.  Currently, the Google Ad Grant is available in:
    • United States of America
    • Canada
    • Australia
  • You’re barely making ends meet- Grow is an investment!  If this is you but you’d still like to do something, reach out and we can connect you with our CMU Enrollment Scholarship Program.
  • Reaching people isn’t in your top 2 priorities as a church.
  • You’re a jerk and will be mean to our people.  This is a no drama zone!

Enroll in Grow TODAY!

Just $297 per month

Grow is based on our team’s collected years of experience in the trenches, working with churches and serving our local communities.  We’re focused on results and guiding you along the path that gets you traction the most quickly.

Absolutely!  Getting Grow when you’re first starting your church can help you create a strong foundation that leads to more visitors every single week.  We love working with church planters and have designed this process to help you get traction. 

Yes- we LOVE small, local churches and developed this program with you in mind. 

When you’re getting started, we’ll guide you through the path you need to take to start getting visitors every single week!  If you don’t have a website, you’ll start there!  Otherwise, we’ll get you started with the Google Ad Grant program!

Nope!  We do most of the heavy lifting for you, and you can move on to the volunteer-intensive steps when you’ve started to grow.  (Plus, we’ll help you train your volunteers!)

Yes!  You entire team will have access to all the training, kits, and conference replays inside Church Marketing University.

Our team will walk you through every step of the process- no need to worry about your level of technical expertise!

Expect to be amazed.  Expect excellent customer service.  Expect to start seeing more visitors withing 2-4 weeks after we get your ad grant up and running for you.

As long as you are paying the $297 per month, you have access to Grow!  The longer you stay with the program, the more traction we can help your church build.

Yes!  If you don’t qualify for the Google Ad Grant, or if you have the Google Ad Grant and complete the Foundations Course and still aren’t seeing any new visitors, we’ll refund your money!

Enroll in Grow TODAY!

Just $297 per month