Google offers the Google Ad Grant to qualifying non-profits, including churches, which gives you access to $10,000 in Google advertising money every month! At Church Marketing University, we want to help you utilize the Ad Grant to reach more people.

What is the Google Ad Grant?

Google offers qualifying non-profit organizations, including churches, $10,000/month to spend on search ads. Search ads allow organizations to rank first in search results, offering relevant, keyword-targeted text ads in response to the questions people are already asking. Learn more about the Google Ad Grant here.

How can churches utilize the Google Ad Grant?

  1. Reach local community members with information about weekend services
  2. Advertise outreach events to connect with more people
  3. Reach people across the country with online ministry opportunities


In order to continue to qualify for the Google Ad Grant, organizations must meet Google’s ad performance requirements. Church Marketing University is here to help you make that happen.

Google Ad Grant Management Program 

Want to maximize your impact with the Google Ad Grant – but don’t have a volunteer or team member who wants to take on that project?

  1. If you don’t already have the grant, we’ll walk with you through the grant application process
  2. We’ll build out local and national ad groups based on your website landing pages
  3. We’ll monitor your Ads account, update your ads, and manage your monthly grant spend so you get the most impact
  4. We’ll connect with you regularly to create custom, keyword-targeted Ad Groups based on your current events, ministries, and more
  5. Our team will take care of everything – you don’t have to worry about it!


CMU Team

Church Marketing University has a team of Google Ads certified professionals who run Google Ad Grant accounts for churches. These team members maintain the accounts to meet Google’s account requirements and check in with churches to create ads for new ministries and events.

Why Hire CMU?

  • Trained professionals manage the account so you have one less thing on your plate
  • Grant Managers build all ads custom to your church, rather than copy-pasting ads from other accounts
  • Grant Managers create ads that match your church’s website copy, branding, and advertise to your geographical location
  • Work with a responsive, relational team that cares about your church ministry success