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The Ultimate Easter Kit: Free Easter Resources For Churches

If you’ve never used our Ultimate Easter Kit, you may be wondering what’s inside.  The short answer?  50+ free Easter resources for churches that will help make this the best Easter your church has ever seen!   We’re talking made-for-you graphics, videos, printable marketing materials, and copy for everything from social media posts to email.  Our team has done the work so you can focus on preaching the gospel!

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Picture of one of the free Easter downloads available inside the Ultimate Easter Kit

Inside The Ultimate Easter Kit

Want to know what’s waiting for you inside the kit?  Check out the features listed below:

Easter-Specific Coaching

Coaching is at the heart of what we do at Church Marketing University.  Providing free Easter resources isn’t enough- we want you to know how to use them for maximum impact.

The Ultimate Easter Kit Guides & Notes

  • The Ultimate Easter Kit Guide will help you understand how to use this kit most effectively.
  • The Content Guide provides you with a brief description of each download so you know what to explore first.
  • The Kit Notes will allow you to easily review the coaching concepts from each video.


Help your guests know where to go with our customized banner designs!  We’ve included a file sizing guide, and our partners at Outreach are happy to customize and print them for you.

Budget Template

Plan what you’ll spend on printing, follow-up, and other resources using our budget template.

Bumper Video

The bumper video inside the kit tells the story of Easter in an engaging way, and you can customize it for your church using after effects.


Calendar Subscription & Planning Checklist

Know exactly what needs to be done, when it should happen, and who’s doing it with our planning checklist.  Receive alerts for all things Easter with our calendar subscription.

Connect Card Tips

See more people come back by using our Connect Card Tips and Follow-up Plan downloads. 

If you’re not sure how to get started developing your own follow-up plan, we’ve also provided inspiration in the form of Follow-Up examples from two of our partner churches: Summit Park Church and Church On A Mission.

Can’t wait to get started planning your guest follow-up?  You can start by reading this article from our archives.

Countdown & Service Graphics

Keep your service experience cohesive with your invitations by using the included sermon graphics for your slides, and a countdown to let your guests know when service is starting.  Everything features the fun, bright pops of color in keeping with the 2020 theme.

Email Script Samples

Engage, promote, and follow-up with your audiences using the Email Script Samples included in this kit.  Our friends at Text In Church have provided additional email and text scripts, and a special offer on Text In Church to make implementing your follow-up strategy a breeze.

Invite Cards

Leverage the power of invitation with tools like invite cards, tickets, floor decals, and mailers.  Customize everything with the included font and type logo downloads. 

Kids’ Ministry Easter Resources

We want to bless your entire church with this kit!  That’s why this year, we’ve included resources for your kids’ ministry team:

  • We have reviews and tips on using Easter-specific kids curriculum options, ranging from free programs like those offered from Life.Church, as well as paid options like Hillsong BIG.  
  • We’ve also included kid-specific follow-up ideas, so that your kids’ department can become an integral part of bringing families back after Easter is over.

Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother’s Day in the main follow-up event after Easter.  In this download, we’ve provided inspiration and practical tips for making it awesome. There are gift and giveaway ideas, email scripts, benevolence ideas, a message guide, and more!

Offering Talks

Offering talks during Easter can be tricky because you can have so many guests in the room. We’ve included some guiding principles and example scripts to help this service element enhance the experience, rather than take from it. 

Photo Booth Guide

Photo booths are a fun way to add value and promote your events/services.  We’ve compiled tips to make yours the best it can be.  In fact, you don’t even have to download the kit to read this guide!  It’s available year-round on our website.

Sermon Outlines

We’ve compiled 10+ sermon outlines to inspire you as you prepare your Easter message, plus links to the inspirational sermon outlines we featured in last year’s kit.

Social Media Graphics & Examples

Get the word out on social media using our social media graphics, video scripts for filming an invite video, sample social media posts, and example service photos.

Video Script Samples

We’ve compiled a collection of video scripts that you can use to market Easter on social and in your service.

New downloads added all the time!

We’re constantly listening to feedback from the church leaders using our kit and updating it with new ideas to make it better. Get access today to see a list of everything that’s included.

What if I Want to Go Deeper?

The Ultimate Easter Kit can stand on its own- you don’t need to pay a penny to have your best Easter yet!

But if you find yourself wanting to dive deeper into one specific area, we & our partners are offering 7 Pro Upgrades for this season:

  • Church Marketing University’s 30+ courses and bonuses
  • Coaching to help you get your systems dialed in for Easter!
  • Guest Follow-Up from Text In Church
  • Ministry Facebook Ads
  • Google Ad Grant Management
  • Printing & Sanitization Products by Outreach
  • Website Upgrade (with the Ministry Designs Omega platform)

Check out what others are saying about our free Easter resources for churches:

“So.  Pumped.  These kits are SO helpful for this one woman comms department!” -Kimberly Anderson

“The easter kit last year was our first exposure to Church Marketing University.  Been a faithful follower/user ever since and it’s had a HUGE impact for building disciples!”  -Mike Brake

“You always offer the best stuff!  For someone who is only titled as the church office manager but handles social, this is amazing!” -Janice Heinen

“All the planning, time, and effort and it’s for free!?!?! I wear a lot of hats and this is a time-saver, game-changer, and lifesaver for me. Thank you!” – Our Savior’s Lutheran Church


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