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Your Guest Follow Up Plan This Easter

As Easter approaches, it’s thrilling to consider the multitude of new faces that you will see over the holiday weekend at your church. One of the best feelings that you can have as a leader is when someone comes to your church for the first time. Your mind may start to race as you contemplate the possibility that this may be the day they decide to follow Jesus for the rest of their life! As we get caught up in the excitement of a new person joining the congregation, or even making sure they receive a thoughtful gift, it can be very easy to overlook the implementation of a few vital and simple next steps.

As you anticipate the sensational things that God will do in the lives of your guests, it is important to remember the big picture. The goal is to create an easy opportunity for a guest to come back to church, ultimately to experience a relationship with Jesus Christ. With that said, the reality is that guest follow-up is absolutely critical to retain guests for the long-term.

So where do you go from there? How do you retain guests after Easter weekend? What are the practical systems that you can put in place to ensure retention? We’ve got you covered this Spring with our Free Ultimate Easter Kit, where once inside you can download our free Perfect Follow-Up Plan for Church Guests. This is a resource that we have designed to practically walk you through your follow-up strategy, not only on Easter weekend, but each and every week!

It’s common for families to only attend church a few times a year, especially around the holidays, so let’s maximize this opportunity!


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The Ultimate Easter Kit

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