Introductory Church Assessment

We’ll start you out with a church marketing assessment. This will help us identify your strengths and where we need to make progress. Churches that score higher on the CMU assessment are much more likely to be reaching people.

30+ Online Courses

The CMU Bootcamp Course will get you started with building out the foundation of your church’s marketing system. Beyond that you’ll get access to over 30 topic based courses. If it is an important aspect of marketing, we cover it!
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1-Year Access to All Content and Updates

Your entire team will receive one year of access to all Church Marketing University courses. This includes any courses, episodes, or downloads we release along the way.

Downloadable Resources

There is over $2500 worth of downloads inside the CMU courses. Your team will get access to artwork files, spreadsheets, communication templates, printable pieces, email starters, checklists, tracking tools, e-books, articles, and so much more.

Private Facebook Community

CMU churches get access to the CMU Members Only Facebook Group. This community alone is worth the enrollment price. We do exclusive live consulting and real- time coaching throughout the year.

Unlimited Q&A

Every course allows your team to ask questions. We even have a Q&A Course where we take some of the most popular questions and do a case study. It’s like a year round conference where you always have access to the speakers!

Perfect for Team and Volunteer Training

The churches that get the most out of CMU use a divide and conquer approach. They use the courses to help recruit, train, and empower their volunteers. Most pastors don’t know how to build a marketing system let alone have time to train teams on how to do it.

Special Discounts on Partner Products and Services

You’ll get access to some incredible deals with our ministry partners. Sometimes you’ll even get a VIP pass to events included in your CMU enrollment. This has included the Facebook Ads Conference for Churches, the Foundations Conference, and the CMU Summer Bootcamp.

Generosity Course

The biggest objection we hear from churches is that CMU is a big investment. So we went ahead and included a full course on generosity. This course alone will pay back your investment many times over.

Bonus Courses

When you enroll in Church Marketing University, you’ll also get access to some bonus courses. These include the Church Hero Live Streaming Course and a Video Editing Course. These bonuses are valued at over $497!

Money Back Guarantee

Worried that CMU may not be a perfect fit for your church? You can try it out for 30 days at no risk. We have a 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee!

Expert Presenters

You’ll here incredible step-by-step strategies from expert presenters. These leaders have been hand picked for their love for churches and their ability to help your church make progress.

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