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Facebook Favorites Playbook

The Church Marketing University Facebook Favorites Playbook will give you a quick guide on the Facebook Favorites features. We’ll show you why this one tip can make a big difference for your church. We’ll also cover strategies to get a large portion of your church to turn these features on for your church’s page.

Currently, a very low percentage of people who like your Facebook Page will actually see your Page’s Posts. This is a great article from Sprout Social that says the average is 6.4%.

So, on average, if you have 1,000 people who like your page, your page’s post will only reach 64 people.

But, there is a feature that can put your page’s content on the top of people’s news feed every time you post. It is called the “Facebook Favorites” feature.

Here is the updated and extended Facebook Live Coaching Video on this feature.

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Favorites Facebook Live Strategy

Viewers of your Facebook Live can easily turn on the “Favorites” and “Live Notifications” by clicking on the video from either the desktop or their mobile device. This only works right now on a Facebook Live video. (There is another way for people to turn on “Favorites” for your page and it will be discussed down below.)

This is what the Facebook Live viewer will see on their mobile device:

Facebook Favorites Promotion Strategy

How you roll out the Favorites / Live Video Notifications at your church will make a big difference if your people will actually turn these features on. So let’s talk about your strategy!

*updated video coming soon!  The strategy is still good- just substitute “Facebook Favorites” every time Ryan says “See First.”

Promotion Steps

This coaching video was created before Facebook integrated the Favorites feature with Facebook Live videos, back when Facebook called it “See First.” So the written steps below have been adjusted to reflect both the ability to use a Facebook Live or pre-recorded video.

  1.  Do a Facebook Live / Post the video at a strategic time.
  2.  Within the first half hour leadership engage on the Facebook Live / video.
  3.  Within the first hour email your entire church the direct link to the post.
  4.  Run a paid Facebook Ad campaign to extend the reach of the video.
  5.  Promote the video / feature in your services.
  6.  Leverage big events like an incoming snow storm, huge announcements, special updates, etc.
  7.  Cross promote throughout all your channels of communication: small groups, volunteer team, ministry team, Facebook Group, leadership, text messaging, YouTube, website, etc. (Check out the Church Marketing University Communication Matrix for 125 communication channel ideas.)

Facebook Favorites Facebook Video Post Strategy

This is the previous way we recommended people turn on Favorites and Notifications.

We are now recommending that you use the Facebook Live strategy. Go Live as the churches page with a great script and ask people to turn the feature on. (We will provide an example script inside the CMU Social Media Group.)

We highly recommend still using the 7 step strategy playbook outlined above and discussed in the video even if you use the Facebook Live.

This is an example of the custom videos we make for Church Marketing University churches! (Church Marketing University churches can request their custom video inside the CMU Social Media Group.)

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