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Fresh Ideas for Church Growth

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When it comes to church growth, it’s easy to fall into a rut.   You might be familiar with some of the signs.  For example:  

  • You feel like you’re driving on autopilot.
  • You’re doing the same things every year.
  • You’re casually hoping a few people come to your church after an outreach event.
  • Your main points of connection to your community are events, booths at local festivals, and your road sign. 
  • People generally don’t come back after their first Sunday.

We’ve all experienced seasons of ministry that included some or all of these characteristics.  It’s easy to recognize the symptoms of a church in decline or plateau.  It’s harder to figure out what to do to get people to come back to your church.  The truth is, sometimes (and by sometimes we mean always) you must do different things to get different results. 

So, what’s one of the best ways to communicate with the people you’re trying to reach in today’s technology-driven world?  Well, we just gave the answer away, but you guessed it!  It’s through using technology to start the relationship-building process.

Reaching the Next Generation

Why are we saying that using technology is one of the “best ways” to communicate?  According to our survey of over 2,000 churches, the number one indicator of a growing church is the emphasis the lead pastor places on reaching the next generation.

Crazy, right?  So how do you emphasize reaching the next generation?

One of the keys to successfully reaching the next generation is meeting them where they are.  Where does the next generation spend a lot of their time? Online, whether that’s on a phone or a computer.  Therefore, using technology correctly is a huge factor when it comes to church growth.  Chances are, you use technology every day.  But do you know how to leverage it for your church?

Technology, Relationships, and Church Growth

Not everything has changed when it comes to growing your church.  It’s still about building relationships, listening, and sharing the love of Jesus.  However, the way we communicate and build relationships has changed drastically in the last few decades, and even the savviest church tech people can run into issues while trying to navigate today’s communication landscape.

As a pastor, church staff member, or volunteer, you likely find yourself occasionally needing advice on how to use technology to facilitate relationships.  We’re happy to have you sign up for our 20+ courses, but right now there’s an even better option. It’s the 9-day, totally free Engage Conference, hosted by our friends at Text In Church. 

Here’s How to Get Your Ticket to the 2020 Engage Conference

At the 2020 Engage Conference, you’ll hear from some of the most brilliant minds in the church communications world, like Michael Hyatt, Nona Jones, Katie Allred, and our very own Ryan Wakefield.  This conference is going to be amazing, and we’re honored to be one of the sponsors.  

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Want to learn more?  Check out this post, where we discuss why we love the Engage Conference and this interview where we discuss guest follow-up with Text In Church’s founder, Tyler Smith.