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Easter Upgrade: Add the Google Ad Grant to your Church Marketing Mix!

If somebody offered to give your church $10,000 … 

a month … 

You’d probably ask, “What’s the catch?”

Just one — you need to use it to advertise your church and events in Google Search Results. 

That’s it? 

Yep, that’s it. 

Check if your church is eligible here.

To do it effectively, though, you need to understand how the system works. You need to register and get a validation token. Then, you need to enroll in Google for Nonprofits, apply for the grant and get your Google account set up.

That’s when you need to understand how to best structure and design ads to be effective in the system, utilizing Google’s keyword algorithms and such. You’re also required to meet Google’s click-through rates and keyword quality score requirements.

Sounds complicated? Not when you let us do the work for you. That’s the heart behind our Grow Program.  

Why You Need the Google Ad Grant this Easter

You might be tempted to say, “What’s the Big Deal? Churches Don’t Need to Advertise!”

Did you know that last Spring, Google received hundreds of millions of searches for keywords like “Easter event,” “Easter church service,” and “Easter activities near me”? And yes, it happened in your community too. Next to Christmas, there’s no other time of year when people are most open to hearing the Gospel message. But you already know that this is just an opportunity to make the most of the season to help your church reach more people than ever before.

Think about it, someone Google searches “Easter events” and gets a whole list of stuff going on near them. Wouldn’t it be great if your church showed up at the top of those search results?

The good news is you can, and it won’t cost you a dime — with Google’s FREE ad grant! If you’re not already using the ad grant, we’d highly recommend you get it set up before Easter so your Easter information will show up at the top of search results.

What’s the Google Ad Grant?

Never heard of the Google Ad Grant? Google gives nonprofits $10,000 in advertising money to rank first in search results. So, when someone in your area searches for “Easter services,” or “Easter events,” or whatever other keywords you program, your church ad would show up at the top of the page — you’d be one click away from drawing someone in from your community who’s searching for answers! Now that’s a game-changer!!!

You can use that money to show up first when people search for Easter keywords (and kids ministry keywords, and event keywords, and small group keywords, and more!). Basically, this is a FREE opportunity to tell more people about your Easter services, your events, and your church.

Thousands of people in your area will be searching for a church this Easter, or looking for Easter activities for their families. Using the Google Grant, make sure you show up first in their Google Search with relevant info about your Easter events and services!

 We’d love to help you get it set up in time for Easter! If you’re ready to sign up for the Google Ad Grant Management program at CMU, check out the Grow program and hop on our wait list.

Why CMU Grow?

Why Should You Get the Grant Managed through CMU Grow?

Well, frankly, you don’t have to. You could just run a few Google ads yourself, you may already be doing that; but what if you took the money you’d spend on Google Ads and instead used it to hire CMU so you could advertise so much more at Google’s expense? Get more, pay less.

Or, you could try for the Google grant on your own, but our CMU communications, church and Google experts are adept at not only securing the grant, but putting it to use for churches who’ve achieved life-changing results.

Here’s what they’re saying:

“I was blown away when I saw CMU was offering a Google Grant Management service. We were paying way too much for this service and the people that were running it were targeting people 150 miles away. When I switched to Molly at CMU, we quickly saw a huge change — more personal ads targeting people in OUR community at half the cost! If you want personal Google ads for your church at a great price while also being effective, then Molly is your person!” 

–Ryan Keller, Lead Pastor, Church on a Mission, New Orleans, LA

“We noticed a definite increase in the number of visitors we’re seeing each week now as soon as CMU started managing our Google Grant.  We even had new visitors during the high point of Covid when we had to move our services outdoors and are continuing to see a steady stream of new people every week.”  

–Cheri Pelic, Southeast MI 

Where can I go to get more information?

Wondering if you’re eligible for the Google Ad Grant?  Check that here.

Want us to run the Ad Grant for you? Check out our Grow Program.