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Frequently Asked Questions- The Ultimate Easter Kit

We get a lot of questions about the free downloads available in our Ultimate Easter Kit.  Here’s a quick version of our answers to the most popular ones:

Picture of one of the free Easter downloads available inside the Ultimate Easter Kit


Yes, we do!  Inside the kit you’ll find our Easter Ideas List as well as communication scripts and social media examples for communicating with your people and reaching your community during this time.  We’ll still celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, amen?  It’s just going to have to look a little different this year.

How long is the Easter Kit available?

Because we preach that you need to start your Easter planning by thinking about Mother’s Day, we’re making this kit available through May 10, 2020, so you can take advantage of our free Easter downloads, coaching, and resources as long as you’ll possibly need them.

Help!  I don’t have photoshop.  Can I still get these designs customized?

You’re in luck!  Outreach, our printing partners, have invested a TON of time and resources into creating an editor that you can use to customize these designs.  Check out the link inside the Ultimate Easter Kit and give them some love!

Why are you offering all these free Easter downloads?  Is there some kind of catch?

At Church Marketing University, we love being able to bless churches as they’re planning their biggest event of the year, but we want to inspire them to aim higher.  That’s why we’ve developed these resources- so that you can get the designing, videography, printing, and social media off your plate, empowering you to focus on ministry.

We are in the process of developing 8+ kits for the churches that subscribe to Church Marketing University, but we offer the Easter Kit for free to every church because it’s the time of year where you’ll most need these resources to preach the gospel in your community.

Where can I get The Ultimate Easter Kit?

Great question!  You can find it here.  Once you sign up for the kit, you’ll receive an email with your username and password.  From there, you’ll sign in and have access to all the free Easter downloads and coaching that you heart could desire!

Can we get these free Easter resources in Spanish?

At this point, we don’t have anyone on staff who’s qualified to translate the Easter Kit into Spanish.  😔  However, we’re trying to crowdsource & coordinate the efforts among the Spanish-speaking church leaders in our Church Marketers Facebook Group.  Hopefully, as more Spanish-speaking churches sign up for the kit, they’ll be able to help!

Don’t see your question?

Leave a comment on this post & we’ll respond!  If enough people ask the question, we’ll add it to this post.

Happy Easter planning!

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