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Generosity Series

Leading A Generous Church

6 Videos | 9 Resources

The biggest objection we hear to churches jumping in to Church Marketing University is that they can’t afford it. This really bothers us because we know the impact outreach can have on your city! So we’ve decided to give every church who enrolls in CMU our Generosity Series as a special bonus. This series retails at $249 and in it we give your the ideas and insights to start increasing the level of generosity of your church. We truly believe if you apply these principles it’ll more than pay for your CMU investment and it will set your church up for healthy growth for years to come.

Tracey Sharpe – First Christian Church

CMU has been invaluable to me and I’ve only been a member since the fall. We are a small church and our financial assets are limited, but this has provided a better return than anything I can think of. We are seeing visitors and returning visitors at a rate we never have before. We can’t afford paid staff and volunteers have to try to find a way to learn on their own. CMU has made that possible. If you think you can’t afford it, think out of the box. I pay our CMU membership as part of my financial gift to my church. Would someone, or several, want to do that for your church? A love offering directed for CMU? I promise you won’t regret it for a minute!

Zachary Minton – The Rock Church Spokane

CMU is part of our team.  Our latest Church plant is thriving and I believe God used CMU to make that happen.

Mike Brake – Freedom Church

The Easter Kit last year was our first exposure to Church Marketing University.  Been a faithful follower/user ever since and it's had a HUGE impact for building disciples!