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Download: Sample Input List (xls) Here’s a brand new tool designed to train all of your church’s audio volunteers. Save time, sound great, and get better each week! Walk through the basics, step by step, to have a solid foundation to build upon.

Stephen Maddox Hillsong London

Stephen currently serves as the head of production for Hillsong Chur...

Tracey Sharpe – First Christian Church

CMU has been invaluable to me and I’ve only been a member since the fall. We are a small church and our financial assets are limited, but this has provided a better return than anything I can think of. We are seeing visitors and returning visitors at a rate we never have before. We can’t afford paid staff and volunteers have to try to find a way to learn on their own. CMU has made that possible. If you think you can’t afford it, think out of the box. I pay our CMU membership as part of my financial gift to my church. Would someone, or several, want to do that for your church? A love offering directed for CMU? I promise you won’t regret it for a minute!

Zachary Minton – The Rock Church Spokane

CMU is part of our team.  Our latest Church plant is thriving and I believe God used CMU to make that happen.

Mike Brake – Freedom Church

The Easter Kit last year was our first exposure to Church Marketing University.  Been a faithful follower/user ever since and it's had a HUGE impact for building disciples!