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Download: Sample Input List (xls) Here’s a brand new tool designed to train all of your church’s audio volunteers. Save time, sound great, and get better each week! Walk through the basics, step by step, to have a solid foundation to build upon.

Stephen Maddox Hillsong London

Stephen currently serves as the head of production for Hillsong Chur...

Deane Wagner – River Family

I want to thank you for what you're doing for the body of Christ. We live in rural Midwest in a town called Waterford Ohio (population 2000). We were at 120 people with some salvations and some growth as of last Easter. It's been a year now of using your material, we're pushing 300! With 26 salvations in the past week! We are literally seeing salvations every week! It's been awesome! We praise God for what He's doing. But also, for the equipping and educating you give. As a Senior pastor, it's priceless! So thank you for all your hard work!

Nick Bynum – Saint Paul’s

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas! I wanted to let you know our Christmas Eve service was great because of the stuff we are learning from CMU (Facebook ads and SEO especially). We actually cut our advertising budget by about $4k (tv ads) and had about 500 more people!

Megan Farnsworth – The Naz

I’ve watched these and our marketing team loved them. We have purchased CMU and find it so valuable!! Thanks for sharing this information with church communities.

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