Church Marketing Series

Ready to understand what church marketing is all about & how it can help your church grow?  We’ve got just the video series for you!

Video #1: The Quick Case For Church Marketing

In this first of our 3-part video series, we’ll take a look at the controversial topic of church marketing.

You’ve heard these phrases: “Jesus doesn’t need your marketing plan! The church is not a business. Just preach the gospel.”  But, is that all that can be said on the subject?  We don’t think so, which is why we’ve created this video.


Think you’re ready to start marketing your church?  Check out our Assessment. It takes less than five minutes, and once you’re done you’ll receive your church’s score.  Plus, it will give you a picture of your church’s greatest strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your marketing system.

Video #2: Seven Big Findings From Growing Churches

In this second of our 3-part video series, we reveal seven specific breakthrough findings we discovered from an assessment of over 2,000 churches that you can easily implement in your church. With just a few small tweaks, your church will see a bigger reach in your community.

Church Marketing Bootcamp

If you are serious about reaching more people, then you are going to love our courses! Use this form to get free and immediate access to our popular Bootcamp. Let’s get started helping your church see more visitors each week!

Video #3: Your Game Plan

In this third of our 3-part video series, you’ll learn how to start your church’s game plan. We’ll start by unpacking three counterintuitive secrets about marketing for your church.  From there, you can get started implementing this training at your church!

Church Marketers Facebook Group

If you have questions at this point, that’s totally normal!  Be sure to jump in the Church Marketers Group to join the conversation and learn from other leaders across the nation.  We can’t wait to meet you!