Introducing the CMU Podcast!

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Introducing the Church Marketing University Podcast

The CMU podcast came about because of one glaring truth: online church is no longer a nice “extra.”  Since quarantines and stay-at-home orders are the norm, we have to jump into all things digital.  It’s easy to get lost in the panic, but as followers of Jesus we are called to lead with hope, not fear.

That’s why we created the CMU podcast.  Our host, Ryan Wakefield, will be talking tips and strategies to help your church THRIVE on digital platforms.  Our goal isn’t to just help you get through the Coronavirus epidemic.  Instead, we’re praying that you’ll make decisions in your digital spaces today that will help propel your communications and ministry in the future.  That’s why we’ll be leading you through important mindset shifts that will help you see this as a season of hope and opportunities for growth.

We live in communities full of people who need Jesus.  That hasn’t changed.  What has changed is that many of those people are now stuck at home, scrolling on their phones.  With one click, they can hear the gospel.  Let’s work together to do everything we can to make that possible.

The CMU Podcast: What to Expect in Season One

In the past few weeks, we’ve logged hours and hours of coaching for churches enrolled in Church Marketing University.  Along with that, we’ve put together The Ultimate Coronavirus Guide for Churches, made our Live Stream Course available to churches who’ve downloaded the Ultimate Easter Kit, and updated many of our downloads inside the kit itself.  Much to our surprise, we’ve even created an entire course about digital ministry during a pandemic (who knew that was going to be a thing?).

In season one of the Church Marketing University Podcast, we’ll be covering the best parts of our coaching, including:

  • Ramping up your digital services.
  • Ministering on social media
  • Promoting digital giving in the midst of uncertainty, fear, and loss.

We’re always looking for new ideas.  Let us know what topics you’d like to see covered in the comments of this post!

Waiting for more episodes?  Here are some of our favorite #ChurchComms podcasts:

The Seminary of Hard KnocksSeth Muse is a guest presenter in our Instagram Course, and the conversations between him and his co-host Meagan Ranson are entertaining and informative.  They’re here to teach you all the stuff about ministry that you DIDN’T learn in Seminary.

Pro Church ToolsBrady Shearer is an absolute genius when it comes to church communications and marketing.  So, if you haven’t already, go ahead and binge-watch some of his podcast episodes.  (If you’re ready for a throwback, you can check out this episode where Ryan was a guest!)

Church Marketing Ideas with Adam McLaughlin –Adam McLaughlin  is a guest presenter in several of our courses, including our Lead Pastor Course, Volunteers Course, and Announcements Course.  He’s also the author of this great article on why communications departments often feel overwhelmed.  So, suffice to say, he knows a thing or two about church marketing and communications.  In his podcast, he sits down with other thought leaders to discuss problems all churches face.

Church Multiplication Network– A really great podcast for church planters, the church multiplication network will teach you how to lead and grow your church.

The Church Communications Podcast– We love the work that Katie Allred and Kenny Jahng are doing to equip church communicators around the world!  This podcast is one of the many resources they offer and it’s awesome.

Sunday to Sunday Podcast– Great, practical tips from church leaders across the globe, hosted by Justin Dean.

Social Media Marketing Talk Show from Social Media Examiner.  This podcast definitely leans toward the business side, but it’s great for learning how to use different social media marketing tools.