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Introducing the Church Marketing Conference

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What if you could start all over in your ministry?

Would you do things differently? What changes would you make? Are there any new ideas you’d try?

There is something powerful about A New Beginning. That’s a huge part of what makes New Year’s Day so magical- we all get a chance at a fresh start. 

This past season in ministry has been tough. COVID and divisions about everything from politics to masks have torn our congregations, families, and communities apart. Some church leaders have given up. Some are thinking about throwing in the towel.

But if we truly believe that building God’s Kingdom is the most important calling we can give our lives to – then for us, giving up is not an option. At the same time, we also don’t want to go through ministry miserable. If we’re going to give our lives to this, then let’s do it in a way that is sustainable and- dare we say it?- fun!  

That’s why we’re choosing to look at the optimistic side of this season. Yes, it has been hard, but what if we committed to flipping the script? What if we look at this moment in ministry not as an end to our dreams, but a chance at a new beginning?

The 7 Essentials

If it is a new beginning, then what do we have to get right going forward?

That’s the conversation we are going to have at this year’s Church Marketing Conference. We’re not going to overwhelm you with 150 sessions filled with ideas that will leave your team more overwhelmed than when you began. We’re going to have a conversation about the 7 essentials we have to get right. 

Wondering what they are?  You can see the schedule and a preview of the topics here.

It’s time to begin asking God to speak to your heart about what the future holds-

It’s time to dream again!

What to expect from the Church Marketing Conference

September 20-22th, 2021, is when our first-ever Church Marketing Conference is happening.  It’s a 100% online, totally free conference designed to help you refocus on the right things for this new season. We’ve drawn from our community of experts who will leave you encouraged, inspired, and equipped to do ministry differently!  Plus, your ticket comes with a TON of valuable resources, including the conference workbook, access to the session replays, and some other super helpful resources that will help you implement everything you’ve learnd.

Get your free ticket to the church marketing conference here.


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