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Ryan is the founder of Church Marketing University, where he helps churches all over the world get more visitors each week. He and his wife, Amy, and daughter, Katelyn, are a part of Summit Park Church in Kansas City, Missouri.  Ryan has many years of experie... read more

Church Growth Strategies

Check out the “Your Church Marketing Breakthrough Series” below for key insights into church growth.

Video #1: How Millennials Tie To Church Growth

In this first of our 3-part video series, we’ll reveal one of the biggest discoveries of rapidly growing churches — how they reach millennials. We’ll look at what over 2,000 churches told us about reaching younger generations and provide actionable steps you can take to see more millennials become heavily invested in your ministry.  We’re so excited for you to use these church growth strategies to start seeing new visitors each week!

Church Marketing Assessment

Speaking of reaching younger generations, have you taken the Church Marketing University Assessment yet? It takes less than five minutes and once you’re done you’ll receive your church’s score.

Video #2: Small Tweaks, Bigger Reach

In this second of our 3-part video series, we reveal six specific breakthrough findings we discovered from an assessment of over 2,000 churches that you can easily implement in your church. With just a few small tweaks your church will see a much bigger reach in your community.

Try Church Marketing University Free & Learn Even More Church Growth Strategies

If you are serious about reaching more people, then you are going to love Church Marketing University! Get a free test drive for your entire team to all 30 CMU courses. Let’s get started helping your church see more visitors each week!

Video #3: Increase Your Church’s Visibility

Since people today look at your church online before they make a visit, getting your church listed on the first page of a Google search is crucial. In this third of our 3-part video series, we share with you the key to increasing your church’s online visibility. But more importantly, we give you a solution for developing a strategy at your church that will help you effortlessly reach new families in your community.

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