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Church Google Review Link Generator

At Church Marketing University we are huge fans of getting a stream of positive reviews coming in for your church each month. Reviews play a big role in driving decisions in our culture. Plus reviews are great for helping your church rank on search engines (SEO)!

We love reviews so much we even created a CMU Reviews Course on how to develop a simple system to automatically get your church new glowing reviews each month. Now we have a brand new tool that makes this process on Google simple.

Google Reviews – Link Generator

Start by typing in the name of your church here:

Select your church name. Then copy your church’s unique Google Review Link. Now paste that link in a new tab or browser and double-check that it takes people directly to leave a review for your church.

Bonus Tips

Now that you have your church’s direct link for a Google Review here are some additional bonus tips.

  • Use a URL shortener like Bitly to create a shorter link.
  • Create a page on your church’s website with instructions to help people leave your church reviews. On your reviews page you could use your direct links to Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc. (Example from Christ Fellowship.)
  • Create an archive of good example reviews. Put the best examples on your church’s reviews page mentioned above. You can also use these samples to show people who may feel stuck on how to write a helpful review.
  • Be super careful how you ask for reviews. You do not want to use manipulation or violate terms of service agreements for these platforms.
  • Get into the Church Marketing University Reviews Course to learn our simple approach on how to build out a reviews system for your church.

Church Google Link Review Generator was created by TechChurch.