Church Comm Job Descriptions

In partnership with our friends at Vanderbloemen, we’ve put in hundreds of hours researching, writing, gathering examples, and creating templates- all to help you build the perfect church communications team. Download your FREE e-book, example job descriptions, and a template for your church.


*Presented by Church Marketing University and Vanderbloemen

Free E-Book

In The Ultimate Guide To Church Communications Job Descriptions, you’ll discover how to craft a job description that will help you find and attract the right candidate for your church’s communication team.

25+ Job Descriptions

We’ve gathered our favorite church communications job descriptions.  Whether you need an example job description for a Communications Director, Video Editor, Graphic Designer, (or anything in between), we’ve got you covered!

Free Starter Template

Ready to build your own job description?  We’ve condensed the ebook into an easy-to-implement template.  Now, you’re ready to craft a job description that’s a perfect fit for your church’s next hire.


*Presented by Church Marketing University and Vanderbloemen